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Christopher Clark - 03 Nov 2015

I’ll never forget my first big self-drive camping safari trip through southern Africa. I was certainly jumping in at the deep end: a seven week, 12,000 km odyssey through Botswana and Zambia with a small team of travel experts…

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Christopher Clark - 16 Aug 2015

When I started working and travelling across various parts of Africa about seven years ago, it wasn’t that common to see tourists armed with fancy SLR cameras and bazooka-like lenses. That was generally for the “pros”. For the rest of us, it was simple point and shoots…

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Christopher Clark - 16 Jul 2015

Often the words “family” and “safari” don’t go together too well. It can be difficult to find family-friendly safari destinations that are accessible and safe for the whole family whilst also providing enough diversions for the kids if they get tired of all…

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