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Melissa Shales - 14 Jun 2015

Melissa Shales looks back through history. At a time before we could go on safari or see photos, what must a giraffe have looked like in the streets of Europe?

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Melissa Shales - 29 Mar 2015

The most famous of the 19th-century ‘great white hunters’, Selous helped make safari fashionable and lay the foundation stones of African conservation. Melissa Shales looks at his life.

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Melissa Shales - 24 May 2014

I can remember howling with laughter the first time I met a flush toilet surrounded by a grass enclosure in a bush camp and a tent neatly shaded by a thatched roof to stop the canvas rotting. After a childhood spent wandering National Park campsites in our tatty old family tent, the world of the upmarket safari camp seemed inexpressibly funny.

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Melissa Shales - 22 Apr 2014

Everyone knows the name David Livingstone. There’s a town named after him in Zambia, a museum dedicated to him in Scotland. His house in Zanzibar is a tourist site, as is his grave in Westminster Abbey, and the place where his heart was buried under a tree at Ilala in Zambia.

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Melissa Shales - 01 Mar 2014

Teddy Roosevelt’s African expedition (1908-10) redefined the safari and put the continent on the tourist map. His celebrity pulling power helped create an industry that has helped sustain Africa’s wildlife ever since.

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Melissa Shales - 04 Feb 2014

The people might have been safe but it was fast becoming clear that many thousands of animals were about to perish as they sought refuge on islands that were shrinking and sinking under the rising waters. And so Operation Noah was born.

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