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Expanding their Horizons
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Kapama was for decades an island of a game reserve. Fenced off from its neighbours, it preferred to maintain itself as a small separate entity a stone’s throw from the Greater Kruger Park. However, in late 2011, an agreement was finally reached between Kapama and neighbouring Thornybush to amalgamate the two private reserves into a single larger conservation area. I was thrilled to hear of this development and am a fan of the fact that smaller parks like Kapama are looking to expand their horizons and loose their ‘zoo-like’ feel. After-all, who wants to go on safari and drive along a fence line to see a ‘wild’ lion? Definitely not me. And if you’re travelling half-way around the world to get here, then probably not you either. Kapama is a bona fide Big Five reserve with a choice of four lovely lodges and while it doesn’t feel like the wildest place in Africa [understatement of the year], it is certainly headed in the right direction with some wonderful wildlife-viewing to share with its tourists.

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