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Back from 5 days mid range safari, Mara,N,Amboseli

Back from 5 days mid range safari, Mara,N,Amboseli

Okoa Africa Tours

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Kenya Kenya
10-20 employees (Founded in 2010)
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Kenya Tourism Federation, Museum of Kenya under Nature-Kenya & TRA under Ministry of Tourism in Kenya
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Small & medium group tours (Budget & mid-range)
Kenya KE
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Back from 5 days mid range safari, Mara,N,Amboseli

Back from 5 days mid range safari, Mara,N,Amboseli

Okoa Africa Tours is a local owned tour operator in East Africa with headquarters in Nairobi,Kenya.We have vast knowledge of the tourism products in this region including wildlife safaris, mountain climbing, beach holidays ,family packages, student packages and other tailor­ made itineraries. We also arrange private, custom tours, group tours and offer team leader free tour Depending on the size of your group each person can receive a group discount.


Our Amazing 4 Day Tour Experience

2020 deprived us of several promising trips, but we did not give up and decided to go to Africa! Africa is a very old dream. During the period of closings of many countries, we decided, why not?! I’m not going to tell you the details of the whole trip, but I will tell you about our safari trip with Okoa Africa Tours. A few months before departure, we contacted 10-15 safari companies. We settled on the most attractive one for us with the lowest offered price and the fastest and most comprehensive answer to our questions. We transferred $ 100 in advance and waited patiently. It is worth noting that we flew by Egyptian Airlines, which shortly before our trip decided to change the schedule and our connection was reduced to 45 minutes. Realizing that this time was not enough for a transfer, we contacted the airline and rescheduled the flight one day ahead with a 20-hour transfer in Cairo. Since we were supposed to go on a safari immediately upon arrival in Nairobi, we immediately contacted Okoa Africa Tours, told about the transfer of the flight, and the guys postponed our safari for several days without any penalties. At the agreed 4.45 am we were met at the airport by the driver and taken to the office, where we paid for our safari. Then we were escorted to our safari car, after about 20 minutes another couple from Spain came up and soon we set off, taking water, lunch boxes on the way and drove in for two more members of our team from the USA. 6-7 hours we got to Masai Mara Park, taking a break for lunch at a roadside cafe. By 17.00 we finally got to our camp. The camping turned out to be very cozy and comfortable. Tents are like army tents, inside there are 4 beds under mosquito nets, shower and toilet. We left our things in the tents and went to our first game drive. It was incredible! Despite the tiredness after the night flight and the long journey, we could not take our eyes off the zebras, elephants, giraffes, warthogs, buffaloes, hyenas and various birds we meet. By 19.00 we returned to the camp for a quick dinner and sleep. The morning rise was scheduled for 5.00, breakfast at 5.30 and immediately start for a full-day safari! On this day, we met a huge number of the most charming animals. Met the lions three times! First, they watched an elderly lonely lion with a huge mane, then they met a young male lion by the river and finally caught a young pair of lions, engaged in the continuation of the lion's race. We watched for a long time as the lion climbed onto his lady again and again, roaring bravely at the same time. The lions did not pay any attention to us and it was incredibly interesting to watch them. After walking a little more in the park, we met cheetahs, watched their dinner feast with a gazelle after a successful hunt. By our arrival, the gazelle was almost eaten and contented bloody cheetah's muzzles were looking at us)). And on the nearest acacia a large group of vultures was already awaiting their feast. The warthogs, moving quickly on their short legs, were very amused, and simply conquered the grace of Thomson's gazelles, amusingly waving their charming black tails.))) At the beginning of the game drive, they drove alone, by 10 am they united with two more cars and then rolled a caravan, alternately pulling each other out of the river, when they got stuck in an attempt to wade it, then they got stuck with all three cars in a flooded and soggy meadow, apparently which looked absolutely safe, but turned out to be very insidious for our cars. We dined in the park, stopping for a picnic under a spreading tree. Cars were placed in a circle for the safety of dining people, surrounded by wild African nature. After lunch we headed towards the Mara river. We saw a place where seasonal migration of animals usually takes place. Now it looked quite peaceful, only a couple of sleepy crocodiles basking in the sun on the shallows and hippos snorting and grunting in the river, showing with all their appearance that the animal that dared to cross the river would not be in good health for the first time. On the way back, overcoming another ford, we broke through the gas tank. Fuel began to flow out. And of course there are no gas stations in the savannah.))) Our driver Ali said that the leak was not big and we finished the game drive without any problems, having safely returned to the camp. In the evening, our already friendly international team gathered for dinner and sat in the bar of the campsite until the evening, sipping beer and chatting. In the morning we got up later, at about 7 we went on foot to the nearest Masai village. Everything there is according to the classical scenario - dancing, jumping, making a fire. We visited the house, got acquainted with the way of life. A traditional attempt at divorce for expensive souvenirs)). Returning to the camp, we had breakfast with pleasure, plunged into the car and set off on a long journey to Naivasha. We explored Lake Naivasha by boat. We rode for about 1.5 hours. What wonderful birds live on the shores of this lake, teeming with hippos and crocodiles. They are divinely beautiful in their diversity!!! Then there was again a rather long drive to Nakuru, where we spent the night in an inexpensive hotel. After spending the night and a quick breakfast, we went to Nakuru National Park for game drive. What a beautiful and picturesque nature here! The landscape is very different from the Masai Mara, many trees, a river with many flamingos and hippos. Monkeys are running through the forest. And it was here that we met a cheetah for the only time. Unfortunately, it was not possible to take a picture - at our approach, he jumped off a branch and disappeared into the thick, tall grass. Then a ranger with a gun got into the car, and we went to watch the rhinos graze. We watched them from 500 meters, it is dangerous to approach close. Rhinos, unlike other animals we have met, perceive the car as a danger and attack when approaching. Then there was a long road to Nairobi with a stop on the way at a local cafe, where we first tasted the national dish Ugali: cassava mass with fried beef and some greens. This dish is eaten with hands and it was soooooooooooooooo delicious !!! Nairobi met us with traffic jams. On the way, we stopped at the hospital so that part of our team could take a PCR test to continue trip to Tanzania. We were transferred to another car and taken to the station, from where the train was expected to depart to Mombasa. This adventure has given us memories of a lifetime! Many thanks to our international team, our guide Ali, Mika from Okoa Africa Tours! It was very cool with you, you are all great fellows! Thank you everybody!

7 day safari in Kenya

We had a 7 day safari trip in Kenya with Okoa Africa. Our driver was always on the right place in the right time and we saw as much as animals as possible. The accomodation was very good - both camps, hotel and guest house. We were very satisfied with all the services during our trip.

Basic but very efficient!

We went 3 days in Massai Mara with Okoa and everything was Ok.
Good prices and exactly the same prestations than others: same van, same places to eat and sleep... Special mention to our guide Maxwell who was very competent and thanks to him we saw nearly all the big animals of this reserve.

Masai Mara

The team were great and very helpful. The guide Maxwell was great. We also met a local en route to Masai Mara called Samson, an ex park ranger who had some amazing stories to share. All in all I would definitely recommend Okoa!

Fabulous Trip!

We absolutely loved our trip with Okoa Africa Tours! Our tour guide was great, the camp was nicer than we expected, and the Maasai Village was a really nice touch to finish off the trip.

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