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Here Obed and Muthoni at Nyiragongo summit in 2017

Here Obed and Muthoni at Nyiragongo summit in 2017

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Here Obed and Muthoni at Nyiragongo summit in 2017

Here Obed and Muthoni at Nyiragongo summit in 2017

Kumbukumbu Tours is a indigenous tourism company based in Rubavu town of Rwanda, near the Mountain Gorillas Kingdom. Unlike inbound tour companies , Kumbukumbu Tours has got much experience across the Great Lakes of Africa countries in organizing inter-countries circuits and advise with different options for travelers who want to trek animal, to hike or game drive from the country of their choice and connect with different cultural experiences according to each country uniqueness.


What an experience! Absolutely Amazing!

Me and my girlfriend, booked a RD Congo Tour, with Kumbukumbu Tours, and it was the best experience on our trip in Africa.
Obed was the best guide, he helped us with all the transportation, and was there everytime that we need him (Rwanda-Congo Border)
Virunga National Park is absolutely stunning! We stayed in Kibumba Tented Camp, which is a luxury lodge at the top of a mountain with a really nice view to the vulcanoes. The food was 5 star!! We could see the monkeys in the trees, from our tent. At night, we sat around the fireplace, talking with the other guests and staff, the people were so warm and friendly.. We did the Gorilla Trekking and were so close to the Gorillas (like 1 meter apart)... once in a lifetime experience! Highly recommend. The advantage of Virunga over other gorilla trekking experiences is that you can be sure of very small groups. In our case it was just 5 tourists plus the rangers.
Nyiragongo volcano: This is the hardest hike that we had ever complete, but it's absolutely worth it. The pictures can not come close to capturing the beauty and, for me, utter shock, of peering over the rim of Nyiragongo and staring a mile down into the most active lava lake in the world. After a challenging hike, there are few experiences more rewarding than gradually coming into earshot of the faint roar of Nyiragongo's summit. For those travelling here, remember two things: (a) in the summit, it's colder than you think, so have layers for after the hike; (b) stay hydrated and pace the way up -- it starts off feeling easy, but the slope only increases as you go up, and the volcanic rocks really starts to wear out your feet/shoes. The Virunga rangers are very patient, professional, and in complete control of the hike's route - I felt perfectly safe. Lastly, the porters, who assist with carrying items up the mountain, are Nyiragongo true heroes -- you can't thank/tip them enough for all of the hard work they put in over the course of two days.
In conclusion, I really would like to recomend Kumbukumbu Tours to everyone. The owner Obed is very professional and coordinated everything without any problem. He was so nice, helpful, friendly and welcoming for us, that we think we can call him a friend, after all. Good luck for the company, Obed. And we hope that we will see you again, in Africa or in Portugal.
Tiago and Maria

A genuine African experience

I have completed 2 days ago a 2 weeks trip with Kumbukumbu team across Rwanda, DR Congo and Uganda, for more than 2000km. An excellent and spotless organization despite of some last minute changes that had to be managed (my fault for not securing proper Burundi visa) and complicated environment in Congo (visas, Ebola alertness, etc). The teams I have met in all 3 countries were extremely professional, knowledgeable and focussed on the holistic customer experience, as well as on the relevant details of the trip. Above all, I would like to thank especially to Obed, who coordinated the whole adventure. Since the moment I have contacted him for this trip (almost 8 months ago) until the last minute of it, in Entebbe, his professionl behavior was spotless. On personal level he also offered to me a remarkable lesson of how a strong will, resilience, curiosity, humbleness and responsibility can turn any difficult start in life in a genuine inspirational success story!
Thank you Obed, thank you Kumbukumbu!

Custom trip that included so many beautiful experiences in Rwanda

Now we are back in Belgium. We talk and we still think often to the many, great memories during our journey through Rwanda.
It was our first trip in Africa. Rwanda has a very green varied landscape. Previously we thought that there is not as much to be seen in Rwanda. But our young and dynamic guide, Obed, has made a very varied program to get to know better his country. Our days are well filled!
Rwanda has much more to offer than his gorillas. The trip brought us to historical places, museums. We have done a chimpanzee trekking, a canoy-walking, a game drive, a boat trip on the Kivu-lake, a local shop, … We visit a local village community, a hot water source, the border with Goma-Congo, etc. ...
During the tour, in the morning we take the car, and Obed plant our day with activities, lunch/dinner, until our next overnight. We were able to change the timetable in consultation and to adjust or replace activities. Obed was very flexible and helpful. He gives us a lot of information about Rwanda, its history and about the planned activities.
Booking the trip directly with a Rwandeze tour operator was certainly excellent and a amazing experience.
Thanks Emmauel, our driver, to bring us every day safely to our destinations.
Thank you Obed, our guide, for the beautiful tour. Thank you for taking such good care of us from the moment of arrival in Kigali to our departure. Good luck with your tour company.

Our experience with Kumbukumbu Tours just got better with each passing minute.

If you have chosen Kumbukumbu Tours, you have made the best choice! Our tour guide Obel, was punctual, trust-worthy and knowledgeable. He knew a lot about the national parks, about the different types of animals and birds, about Rwanda and about the neighbouring countries. He was adept in providing us a great service throughout our journey and kept us entertained. He took time in showing us around and we ended up doing a lot of activities together. His driver was also a cool-headed person who safely drove us around. On my next visit to one of these national forests, I will surely be contacting Obel and Kumbukumbu Tours!

Unforgettable encounter with Rwanda's wildlife

Together with my colleagues we had a short stay in Rwanda, but we still managed to organize a 1-day trip to Akagera national park, with a precious help of Obed from Kumbukumbu Tours. Being very reactive to all our emails and messages before the trip, he provided all essential tips for preparing our visit that was relaxing and well-paced. The Kumbukumbu team was punctual that allowed to take the best from our visit. Obed was happy to answer all our questions not only about the park and wildlife, but also about cultural, social and political aspects of his country. During our trip we were lucky to see 30 various species of birds and animals, including the leopard. And Obed is knowledgeable about all the bird species names, which is impressive.
On our way back we listened to Rwandan music, and this created an extraordinary ambiance, while we observed Rwandan landscapes, villages and towns from our car.
I highly recommend the safari experience with KumbuKumbu Tours.


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