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Sharing information About the surrounding area .

Sharing information About the surrounding area .

Joash Africa Wilderness Insight

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Tanzania Tanzania
5-10 employees (Founded in 2017)
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Tanzania Association of Tour Operators
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Customizable private tours and fixed group tours
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Sharing information About the surrounding area .

Sharing information About the surrounding area .

Tour Safari Company in Tanzania, with highly experienced and qualified tour guides. Aiming to deliver an exquisite, memorable & everlasting safari experience to our guests. Our trips are costumed to have the smallest clients to guide ratio to ensure the quality of service and dedication to our guests, Our guests are educated about the areas we visit to increase their interest and appreciate the environment. We also work towards contributing positively to the environment


Look no further! You could not find a better safari operator, guide, and trusted friend.

Based upon a recommendation from two sets of dear friends who have both traveled with Joshua Monah, we hired Joash Africa Wilderness Insight Limited ("JAfrica") for our Serengeti safari and could not be more pleased with our choice or experience for a number of reasons, including Joshua's:

- KNOWLEDGE: His intelligence about the park and animals is extraordinary, and he has a "sixth sense" on where and when to find them, even the most elusive! He knew the answer to every question we asked him about the animals and we -- both the teens and the adults in our group -- learned far more than we ever could have imagined. This was my 4th African safari and by far my most favorite!

- GEAR: JAfrica's safari vehicle is very comfortable and it outfitted with everything one could need, including a charging station, guide books, a cooler of cold drinks, and so much more. Joshua's camera was far better than our own and he helped us to capture images on a memory card he gave to us that we will treasure forever.

- AUTHENTICITY: At our request, he helped us to plan a safari that was a true Tanzanian experience; other operators who proposed itineraries seemed to pitch only the properties with surface-level gloss; Joshua had recommendations that were lesser known gems; just what we were looking for but could not have found without him!

- HOSPITALITY: Joshua went above and beyond to ensure that we were taken care of at every step of our time in Tanzania -- from the moment we landed at the Kilimanjaro airport until the moment we left to return home. And we knew that, in Joshua's very capable hands, we were not only safe but that every detail of our journey and adventures had been thoughtfully and thoroughly attended to, both in advance and in the moment.

- FLEXIBILITY: When our arrival in Tanzania was nearly 3 days delayed affecting our planned itinerary, Joshua jumped in to the rescue. While we were (finally!) en route to JRO, he made dozens of calls to properties and airlines on our behalf to help us modify our plans and make up for the time we had lost. We could never have accomplished this without JAfrica; it required a trusted partner on the ground with established and mutually respectful business relationships, who was fluent in Swahili, and who was looking out for our best interests.

- TEAM: Joshua is amazing, and his team is also. This includes his business partner and brother, Moses, who took very good care of us pre-safari. His team member, Richard, served as our excellent driver and guide in Karatu post-safari. Everyone on the JAfrica team is top notch, reliable, and trustworthy.

- FRIENDSHIP: It was impossible not to become fast friends with Joshua immediately and, over the course of our time together, he became a dear friend.

If any or all of the above are important to you when hiring a guide in Tanzania, I highly recommend hiring Joshua and/or his company. You will be in the best of hands and will not regret it.

Joshua with JAFRICA is an EXTRAORDINARY guide and host with IMPECCABLE service and knowledge!

Joshua with Joash Africa Wilderness Insight was referred to us by friends who have been to Tanzania multiple times. We did our due diligence and received quotes from Joash and two additional safari outfits who were also referred to us. Joshua responded to our requests very promptly and with thorough questions to help guide us as we planned our safari adventures.
We had never been to Tanzania and he immediately gave us a sense we were in great hands. We spent two nights in Tarangire and four in the Serengeti. His quotes were thorough and straightforward. We worked together on budget and landed on magnificent safari tented lodging that was everything we hoped for. We ended with a fancier lodge in the western Serengeti and it was exciting to mix it up.
His knowledge of the terrain and the animals and their behaviors provided us with an extraordinary experience. We can say it was extraordinary as we "compared" our sightings and activities with friends and family who have been on safari before and they were all in awe of how many sightings we had throughout our travels. The only animal we did not see was the black rhino and that's because we didn't go to the Ngorogoro Crater. Otherwise, we saw them all and up close and enjoyed lingering, unforgettable moments with the elephants, lions and even cheetas and hippos and so much more. He also knew so much about the birds which were stunning and he knew where and when to go for sightings and migration activity. I felt like we were always more than a step ahead of the other travelers. We had so many sightings alone!
Also, the staff that we met upon our return to Arusha airport were nothing short of professional and kind. Everyone from the welcoming to our departure made us feel very safe and comfortable.
Joshua is kind, respectful, funny, curious, spontaneous, smart and a friendly, knowledgeable guide.
I will recommend Joash Africa Wilderness Insight to anyone and everyone I know that is going to Tanzania for a safari. They are the best!

One of the greatest experience with the greatest tour guide we could ask for.

The safari tour absolutely surpassed my expectations, our tour guide was heavily experienced and extremely smart. His spotting and very polite ways of finding the animals was amazing to watch. His morale compass when it came to being near and being graceful while following them or deciding not to was an amazing thing to find in the man.

Above and Beyond!

Our trip was carefully planned and coordinated by Joshua Monah, the founder of Joash Africa Wilderness Insight. Joshua communicated frequently prior to our arrival, responded to any questions and changes promptly. All that he provided for this trip made it a once in a lifetime experience - arranging first-rate accommodations, meals and transportation for our time in Tanzania prior to the safari, during the safari and after the safari. Joshua picked us up at the airport, acted as our guide in the town of Arusha thus giving us a glimpse of current day life, an opportunity to interact with local people and provided a lot of history of the area. The safari was beyond our expectations - we went to three parks and saw spectacular landscapes, amazing wildlife, beautiful birds and plants. Joashua's knowledge of history, plants, animals and customs was astounding. And his respect for nature and knowledge of habitats allowed to see many of the elusive animals - including a sighting of the rare black rhino during dry season. This is a first rate company that clearly has established relationships in the parks, in Arusha and with the staff at the amazing accommodations that were provided. This was a very personalized experience for my daughter and I who met up with a friend and her son for this safari adventure. We love to travel in general and this is our first experience with a guide and it was great! Visit Tanzania and use the services of this company to have an in-depth, personalized experience.

Joshua is an exceptional guide, person and is committed to making you thrilled with your adventure

Joshua was diligent in creating a safari that was catered to us. If you want to hike, canoe, go birding, visit and stay at coffee plantations, have a city experience or sleep in the wild, just tell him. He has over 20 years being a professional guide and seems to know everyone! He is such a joy to be with. Joshua arranged for a surprise birthday party for one of our teens which was hilarious, because it wasn't her birthday. So fun.

Joshua is a Maasai who went to college to study animal behavior, is an alumni of National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) Tanzania, and an exceptional ornithologist and photographer. He took hundreds of photos during our safari and shared them all with us, which was such a treat.

The lodging and food was exceptional, he has an electric cooler in the vehicle so you always have something cold to drink. Anytime you want to stop and look at animals, sunsets, landscapes while you are on your trek just let him know.

I can't rate Josh high enough. So looking forward to another trek with him in the future.


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