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Armadillo Overland Safaris

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South Africa South Africa
5-10 employees (Founded in 2011)
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Field Guides Association of Southern Africa
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Customizable private tours and fixed group tours
South Africa ZA

We are a family run business and all our Safari' are personally conducted by ourselves to give you the personal attention that sets us apart from other Operators. We offer Camping, Budget and Mid-Range Accommodated Safari's. We specialise in Family Safari's...groups of 3 to 4 families travelling together with children are our favourite but we welcome all. Our menu's are very different to those offered by most operators and are often commented on by our guests in our Reviews on Safari Bookings.


A real Bush experience come to life

Armadillo Safaris offered my nephew and I the most amazing experience. We took a 4 day/3 night package where everything was organized perfectly and one that was personalized and most importantly, safe. In fact, we were treated to an additional night, without cost, as there were to be some protests on one of the highways we would be taking to Kruger National Park from Johannesburg airport ; and Richard wanted to ensure we would be in the park before any demonstrations began. This was a true sign of a professional organization.

We also enjoyed the many stories , historical facts and experiences that our guides, Richard and Morris, shared with us relating to the Park, the animals and indeed the people of South Africa and their bond with the animals and the land itself.

Seeing these majestic creatures and in such close proximity, brings one closer to nature and to the vast beauty that is Africa. We were also privileged to be in a “one of a kind” safari vehicle which was specifically designed. It was higher than any other vehicle, so our range of vision was further and others were very jealous. Snacks, water and other assorted beverages were always at hand for our convenience. Morris also doubled as our driver. He could manage narrow roads with unbelievable agility, and had the keenest eye for spotting animals such as lions and leopards, who might be relaxing under a tree or lounging up a tree.

Our accommodations offered the type of huts we requested with air conditioning ( it was 35 degrees Celsius during the day in mid-March), while evenings were spent outdoors enjoying the culinary delights of Chef Richard on an open fire and sharing wonderful wines from the region. Seeing the stars which seemed closer than usual, was certainly a great delight.

Our return to the airport included visits to the Moloholo Refuge, a wonderful place where wounded animals/birds are rehabilitated; and visiting amazing geological wonders such as The Rondavels and The Potholes.

We wish to thank Richard and Morris for a truly wonderful and unique experience that will stay with us forever. We would recommend Richard and Morris to anyone interested in the real bush experience. Simply terrific!!!

Personalised Safaris with great knowledge about nature, animals, geography, history and food

I went on a 4-day camping trip with Richard and Alistair from Armadillo. We did 3 days in Kruger and 1 day back to Johannesburg via the panorama route.
It was an amazing experience! We were able to find all of the big five, including the White Rhino, which is very challenging to find in Kruger these days.
Furthermore, I was also interested in all the birds in Kruger and all the other mammals. In the end, we were able to identify 150+ animals! Including amazing birds of prey, owls, 6 different king fishers, a Gecko, the Honey Badger and so on. In Kruger I also did a sunset drive and a bush walk, which I both recommend as they give you a different view of the park and you are able to spot animals that are hard to find during the day or from the car.
Alistair always had information ready about the animals or the other aspects of the nature in Kruger like the different biomes. He also knew all the animals and their sounds and was able to identify them in seconds.
The camping experience was great too! Richard always put a lot of effort in to the food. He is a former chef and you can tell from all the food he prepared. I’ve never had such great meals on any other tour.
Overall, I would certainly recommend booking a tour with these guys. Just because they go all the way to make it the way you want and go even further by checking in with you everyday and delivering a very personalised experience! Just ask for a quote and you won’t regret it!

My dream safari better then I had imagined!

I have wanted to do a safari for as long as I can remember and was referred by a friend to Armadillo Overland. The 4 day camping safari to Kruger exceeded all of my expectations! I was a solo traveler and had great company with Richard & Morris who were my guides. Both whom made me feel extremely comfortable and shared their thorough knowledge of Kruger, the wildlife, SA culture and everything in between. Richard being a former chef made awesome meals. Morris with a knowledge of the land & wildlife made sure I got up close and personal with all of the Big 5, getting closer then I had anticipated! They were also flexible and customized our route so that I got the most out of my limited time. I would highly recommend Armadillo and look forward to returning with my family in toe!

Armadillo Overland delivered a once in a lifetime experience!

Richard and Al delivered an incredible safari experience, I can't imagine how it could have been better. From the start, they got to know me and what I was interested in and catered the trip to me. Al is incredibly knowledgeable about the animals, birds, vegetation, and geology and how it all fits together. As a former park ranger, he KNOWS where to find the animals. He knows that park and other parks in the area. I learned SO much from him in six days. Whatever (few) questions I asked that he couldn't answer, we googled it when we got to camp. He's SO good at spotting wildlife, it became a challenge for me to spot something before he did. I rarely succeeded. There were so many times I missed an animal on my side of the vehicle but he spotted it from the other side of the vehicle! He's excellent at spotting wildlife and he knows where to take you to see the animals. And he knows animal behavior. He won a standoff with a huge bull elephant in musth. 'Normal' people would not have won, that bull wanted to trample right over us. Al knows everything he needs to in order to get people great sightings. And Richard's hospitality was awesome. He's an incredible chef that can whip up great meals on the braai. I was constantly amazed at what he cooked all throughout each day. One dessert we had was baked camembert covered in chili chocolate sauce that had been mixed with marula liquor. We ate it with biscuits and cheese sticks. This was prepared on a braai. It was incredible! This is only one example of the incredible food I had all week. If you want an experience you will never forget, do your safari with these guys, they are awesome, hands down.

Absolutely fantastic safari. Brilliant guides, tasty food and amazing Big 5 game-viewing!

I was thoroughly impressed by Armadillo Overland Safaris. Right from the beginning, they responded to our enquiry timeously and planned our trip to our specifications. Everything ran smoothly and without any hitches. 'Truck Norris' was a very impressive vehicle and allowed us to see some incredible Big 5 sightings, as the vehicle is much higher than normal safari vehicles. The food was wholesome and delicious and many laughs were had around the campfire at night. The guides were knowledgeable, extremely friendly, and managed to spot the entire Big 5 as well as a rare sighting of Wild Dog!
I would thoroughly recommend using this tour company, they completely exceeded our expectations.

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