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Serengeti Camping Safari

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Serengeti Camping Safari is a tour company that operates in Tanzania, created with love out of many years of experience in safaris. Our company is dedicated in organizing affordable safari packages for clients all around the world. We are passionate and dedicated in what we do and offer an unforgettable experience of Tanzanian culture and amazing wildlife adventure.


Great and helpful

It is worth it! For those who dream of going on a Safari or even those who have any doubts, I can say after 20 days in Africa: the Serengeti was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. It's really like you're on one of the shows on the National Geographic Channel. The animals are beautiful, as are the landscapes. We could see everything from lionesses with their cubs, to hyenas devouring a carcass.
Our four-day tour covered Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro. The first is like a natural zoo; everywhere you look you see so many species. It was possible to get very close and see the animals in detail. The second is the apple of the eye. Vast plains where the game of survival is seen up close. It's just stunning and real. In our script it said two days in the Serengeti. But therein lies the question. We arrived around 12:00 and left at 12:00 the next day. So, in reality, you don't have two days, you only have one. This is because you can only stay 24 hours inside the park. If you exceed this time, a new “daily” is charged. You pay extra to stay another day. Therefore, check this issue with the agency before proceeding with the package. After everything we've seen I would say: it's worth paying another day and staying longer.
We slept one day in the park and it was in a tent. I would say for a night or two that's fine. But it's not possible to sleep so well and replenish energy. So consider this if your script is long. Try to mix the two types of accommodation. And if you choose tents, if you are not experienced in camping, like me, know that at night it is very cold. Bring a second skin or a very warm coat. The sleeping bag is not enough to keep you warm. Don't forget towels, toilet paper, plug adapter. The camp does not provide this type of benefit.
Finally, we visit the Ngorongoro caldera. A habitat created inside a crater about 20 km diameter. There you are more likely to see the famous and rare rhinoceros, but we weren't so lucky.
Anyway, the landscape is beautiful. And I wouldn't exclude this park.
I highly recommend the Serengeti Camping Safari. It didn't disappoint us at all! Anita, our direct contact, was always very solicitous and polite. She helped us in several things. Whether it's calling a taxi, buying a cell phone chip or booking airline tickets. Talk to her. She knows which restaurants to recommend, which places to visit, and knows all the parks that exist in Tanzania. If you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or Meru, or if you want to experience some tribe, she can provide all the assistance.
Our two drivers were really nice. Joseph was with us the first day. He explained about birds, social organization of lions, differences between different antelopes, rodents... if you're interested he'll have a lot to say. David, more laughing, always witty.
And let's not forget the cooker! He was just too good! Every day he offered a feast! Each day a different menu.
Summary: very happy and satisfied! Come and enjoy!

Big 5(and more) lots of food and new friends... So so happy

I'm a solo traveler from Mexico so excuse me if I have any mistypes. Seeing Serengeti with our naked eyes, the changing Ngorongoro scenaries and meeting new friends was amazing. Seeing the rhino (even if from afar), lions, leopard, cheetah, the always photogenic zebras and well, ALL ANIMALS in the wild was a dream came true.

As a Spanish speaker I still had no trouble that the tour was in English as most of us were from the most diverse countries, which was so enlightening specially since I came as a solo traveler... it was so much fun, maybe also I was extra lucky with the gang I ended up with or who knows, it was simply great.

Our guide Freddy was very receptive to our comments and provided amazing stories that I will cherish alongside all the videos and photos we took from all animals. Gori our cook was the best having us all regaining energy and enjoying amazing dishes that catered all tastes, for all of us who were meat lovers or veggies, spice addicts or not, full bellies left the table everyday, never a single lunch box, we saw some other groups with less food.

Most of our group didn't drink but we had beer and wine available, cola, juice and water. I hate camping and haven't done it since I was a kid yet I seriously loved doing it in the wild, I took hours to take photos of the milky way in Serengeti and got to listen to so many stories as we also got to meet other groups with their own experiences. I cannot fully put in words how I feel, just want to appreciate all the work and attention from the first message to Anita, who was honest and explained every detailed asked. I firstly made contact through safari bookings and she replied quite fast or so I remember.

I appreciated so when she pointed that one of the ideas I had for my safari was non realizable, she told me why and offered me alternatives which was super professional (other agencies I briefed, were non transparent and were sweet talking me). That single detailed took me to book with her; all feedback before the trip was correct, every single thing promised (accomodations before and after safari, airport transfers,...) Were hold true and we even received more than what was on the brochure. The price was unbeatable considering all little things, I actually feel I saved money.

So nothing extra, just how we all loved Godlisten our transfer guide, how happy we were and forever will be for this experience to happen, and my fair and honest reccomendation towards Anita and crew. Will be back and will bring you some Spanish and Mexicans with me (we might ask extra spicy food tho... :) Enrique

P.s. I did also reviewed on other web but can voucher for my every single word, gracias por leer esto

high level of customer service

I really recommend this company. We have a 2-day Safari (Ngorongoro crater + Tarangire). The biggest advantage of this company is its high level of customer service. You can book your Safari online and pay only 5% during the reservation, which is a big advantage for tourists. Our contact person - Anita was really helpful and professional. She provided all the necessary information and we and throughout Safari we knew exactly what awaited us, which allowed us to stay comfortable throughout the trip. You may also choose the up-graded hotel that may be a good choice for tourists. I really recommend this company. The car, as well as a driver, were very helpful (they proactively search the animals and they stop whenever animals are seen, so you can make a lot of foto and videos). Thanks to our driver we had a unique chance to see 3 lions as one of the first groups during our trip. I really recommend this company.

Stunning Safari in Serengeti and Ngorongoro, perfectly organized

I have to say that I contacted to several companies to organize my safari in Tanzania. Finally, I chose this one due to the great attention from the person behind, she really took care to every detail, Anita Ayo, thank you very much for creating such a nice experience :)
They offer exactly what it is written on the page. From that, you can modify slightly the route, days and sleeping places. In our case, my gf and me, we decided to go the 4 day / 3 night trip including Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro.
Regarding the safari, as always, depends on the luck you have to see the animals, we were lucky and we manage to see 4 from 5 of the big 5 (We missed the Rhino). But it is true that specially in Serengeti and Ngorongoro is incredible the quantity of animals.
About the sleeping places, in our opinion, it is a game change to pay more and select the better ones. Specially in two camps that we visited Serengeti Heritage Luxury Camp in Serengeti and Pakulala Luxury camp in Ngorongoro, the experience is incredible. It is difficult to describe with words, but to summarize you have luxury camps with perfect tends, perfect views from the camps, hot water in the tend, dinner with views and being close to the animals.
Just to finish, say that dont hesitate to talk to them and describe what you are looking for, I am sure that they will help you.


I went to the tarangire nationalpark with Anita and Joseph and I'm more than happy when I'm thinking about the day. They told me so much about everything, we saw a lot of animals and Joseph found the best spots for beautiful pictures all the time. Both are so kindly and I definitely recommend them. It's not easy to find a good company with a good driver, but here they are. Asante sana


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