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Safari with Shengena adventure

Safari with Shengena adventure

Shengena Adventure

(34 Reviews)
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Tanzania Tanzania
10-20 employees (Founded in 2018)
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Tanzania Tourist Board
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Custom budget & mid-range tours that can start every day
Tanzania TZ
Safari with Shengena adventure

Safari with Shengena adventure

Shengena Adventure is a Tanzania tour operator based in Arusha Tanzania. We organize activities, day tours, multi-day safari packages, Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking and beach relaxation in Zanzibar. We are dealing with budget, mid-range and high-end safaris, let us know your interest will be here to help you to a memorable nature and wildlife experience.


Extraordinary experience!

Mike was very professional from the start. Fast and efficient communication, he adapted the tour to my requests. From the very start of the journey to the final day, our guides (Macundi and Abedi) were very warm and attentive. They made the trip a true pleasure and great experience. Thank you!

Absolutely amazing!

Shengena Adventure was the best choice for our Serengeti Safri trip! The stay was fabulous and right in the middle of the jungle (we were sharing our tent site with hyenas and giraffes and elephants). The second stay outside of Ngorongoro was amazing too! They supported and catered with vegan and vegetarian food preferences too.

Emmanuel was the best Safari guide one could have asked for. His knowledge about the bush and other national parks around was commendable and we saw all the big cats and reptiles and animals otherwise. We saw two kills too - one involving a pride of lions and the other was a Cheetah kill.

If you're planning a safari, would recommend none other than Shengena and ask for Emmanuel to be your guide. They manage all your logistics, have a variety of stay options and are patient with all your queries!


This is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Seeing the breath taking landscapes and wildlife in their natural habitat is without a doubt the best holiday i have been on in my life. And i would like to thank Shengena for making this dream come true effortlessly and stress free. From the moment i contacted Mike from Shengena i knew it was the tour company i would be choosing. The level of professionalism, attention to detail and charisma Mike displayed i was completely sold. And in every regard he delivered. From the moment we arrived in Kilimanjaro we were greeted with warm smiles and exceptional hospitality and this continued throughout the entrie trip. The safari infrastructure is absolutely seamless and the welcome and embrace you have at every camp along the safari makes you feel right at home.

Its truly incredible how you can be so far away from home in the middle of the serengeti (endless plain), surrounded by wild animals including the majestic lions and feel right at home. We owe that novelty to the tanzania and osinon bush camps who also hosted an unforgettable romantic candle lit bush dinner for us. With every camp you spend your nights with you will always be greeted with fresh juice and a thorough briefing on how the camp is run, a full breakdown of the dinner service and instructions on staying in the tents and leaving them after sunset. Get used to hearing the word KARIBU because thats how you are made to feel constantly through your journey.

I cannot get through this review without dedicate a piece of it to Hashim our guide. I did not imagine you would get as close as you get to your guides, but trust me you do. you travel long distances with them and share dinner together most nights and lunch every day. i could think of noone better than Hashim. Ask him any question about the animals, or the landscape or even the history of tanzania and he will have the answer. we were blessed to have such a wealth of knowledge with us as it enhanced our safari experience. its one thing seeing the animals but being explained what they are doing and why is a 4th dimension to the safari experience. Hashim always made us feel like we were in the driving seat of our safari. if we wanted a bit of a lay in it was hakuna matata. if we wanted to start early it was hakuna matata. if it was my countless toilet breaks it was hakuna matata. A truly patient, knowledgable, meticulous indiviual we grew an affinity towards. we even found ourselves missing him when we left for zanzibar. Hashim is conscious of everyone and everything around him. even the other game drivers which in some cases made us feel at certain times he was prioritising them getting a spot on a spectacle rather than us. There are rules in the park governed by rangers. who most of the time are not in sight. some game driver would bend those rules to get their tourist the best spot on a spectacle or get to it first. Hashim is very much a by the book person but i would not change my guide based on this. we looked at this as its better to be safe and be patient as nature has a way of showing us its beauty whether your driving 100mph or having a stroll. To give an example of this we had a good spot on a lion hunt. but other game driver were queuing for that spot as although their tourist could still see the action we had the best camera angle on it. Then all of a sudden as the lion is stalking its prey Hashim just starts driving off. Normally you say go and stop but when questioned why he left he said he was double parked... everyone was double parked. the reality was he was under pressure by the other game drivers so he compromised our experience in that moment for them. But low and behold the next day a lion hunted and killed right next to our jeep and we caught the most epic video of the whole thing. so nature balanced the books for us.

The only criticism i can give Shengena and Mike is that i wish they would have given us a little more education on the weather conditions and how to pack. As some parts of tanzania you really do feel the cold and wish you had packed that fleece.

Apart from that contact Shengena for an unforgettable safari experience.

Zanzibar and Tanzania safari

Book a 15 days trip with Mike, for couple and 3 years girl and 6 years boy.
The trip included Zanzibar accommodation and transportation fees, and Safari and Tanzania included everything related to Safari fees, transportation and accommodation.
Mike was a great person, even for our needs and what we requested, made a trip that fits our needs, he was always hearing us even when we was stressed about finding a good hotels with the kids.
The trip there was amazing, a dream came true to us, they made everything for us that could make us happy, they were there for each issue happened and fixing it and even help us with other stuff not related to the booking.

We recommend booking by them! Best guides and best prices you could find!.

Thank you Mike for a great opportunity we will miss you ❤

Very personal local company

It is indeed hard to choose among the many Safari companies. Gladly we finally picked Shengena Adventure. The service was very personal. Boris stayed in contact with us all the time, already before we went and managed to iron out some issues amazingly efficiently. We went to Arusha National Park, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro, all of them breathtaking. If time is an issue, Lake Manyara is probably the one that is the least spectacular. We particularly liked the accomodations, that were carefully selected and each of them very personal and special (Heart and Soul Lodge, Thorn Tree Camp, Lobo Wildlife Lodge, FUN Beach Hotel, Econo Sana Lodge). In particular Lobo was amazing, being able to watch wildlife while being in the pool and enjoy breakfast while a troupe of Baboons do the same in the tree right in front of you. Our driver Godwin was a perfect guide - very friendly, always open for question, but gentle and non-intrusive as well. We could not have hoped for a better driver and guide.

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