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By Kevin on 12 May 2015
US | Age: 20-35 | Experience: first safari

Everything was as expected. I had a great time. Clare was very nice.

By George on 23 Mar 2015
KE | Age: 20-35 | Experience: 2-5 safaris
The Best of Beach Holiday in Kenya

Four Nights stay at Heming ways-Watamu..
Kiboko Safaris Kenya was the first firm to respond to my inquiries,and as per chosed package i was looking for.Well Organized in terms of booking,transfer of payment and reservation for the stay.
I would recommend any person to them as i experienced one of best arranged holidays.Thank you Kiboko Safari for your services.Looking forward for more holiday t ... Read morehis year.

By ALICE on 1 Mar 2015
It was fantastic having the opportunity to have such an experience with Kiboko Safaris.

they are well organized, deliver as per customer expectations and they make sure the service matches their promise to deliver.

By Evans on 17 Feb 2015
KE | Age: 20-35 | Experience: 2-5 safaris
a safari like no other, kiboko kenya organised my trip and delivered the service as i expected.

they have constant and accurate information, follow up, and have sealed every bottlenecks to ensure tourists get the best irregardless of hitches. This itself is enough guarantee to the quality experience i expected. kudos Kiboko Kenya Safaris

By Diana Kalekye on 20 Jan 2015
QA | Age: 35-50 | Experience: 2-5 safaris
magnificent safari

My husband and i really enjoyed travelling with Kiboko Kenya. Our 5 days safari was the best experience, Lake nakuru National Park, Maasai mara and Amboseli National park. Clare never got tired of our questions, she described everything in details as we required. Our expectations were really fulfilled. We would recommend Kiboko Kenya anytime.And we will definetly travel with our kids through th ... Read moreem.