Partner Options

SafariBookings is the largest online marketplace for African safari tours. Every year 4 million potential clients use SafariBookings to find their dream safari. SafariBookings offers partnership options to both safari companies and accommodations.

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For Safari Companies

As a fully registered safari company, you can apply for a SafariBookings account and advertise your tours on SafariBookings. A SafariBookings account and the use of our review services are free. Advertising your company and tours requires a payment per quote request for most countries. For some countries quote requests are free.

Apply for a SafariBookings Account

For Accommodations

As an accommodations provider, you can list your property for free in our accommodations directory. A listing enables you to upload images, videos and other information about your accommodations. Providing this information will increase the chance that tour operators will include your accommodations in their tours.

The information you provide will also be used in SafariOffice, the leading software tool that tour operators use to create itineraries and quotes for clients.

List Your Accommodations