Best Price Guarantee

At SafariBookings you can be confident of finding the best price available for any tour advertised on our website. It’s not enough that your safari be the adventure of a lifetime…we also want to make sure it’s great value!

This means that all tour operators on SafariBookings offer their tours under a best price guarantee. If a tour operator offers the same tour, currently on SafariBookings, anywhere else, and decides to do so at a lower rate, then the tour operator guarantees that they will adjust their tour rates on SafariBookings to match this lower rate.

The guarantee applies to the same, or comparable, tours with the same tour operator under equal booking conditions. ‘Equal booking conditions’ mean that the following tour components are the same: destinations, length of stay, group size, travel dates, activities, accommodation, meal plans, transportation types, flight costs and other components that may impact the tour rate.

If you do end up finding a tour that is offered at a better rate elsewhere, the tour operator guarantees to offer you the tour at the same, lower rate. If you have already paid a deposit, the tour operator will refund the full difference or settle it with the final payment. The best price guarantee is valid up to 24 hours after you have confirmed your booking. So, if you want the best tours at the best rates, you need to look on SafariBookings...the leading marketplace for African safaris.

This guarantee is offered by the tour operators individually, not SafariBookings.