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African Honeymoon Safaris

Romance and indulgence go hand in hand with an African honeymoon safari. It’s the one holiday where you should pull out all the stops. Spoil yourselves and splash out on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Africa is perhaps the most romantic continent on earth. It has everything from endless starlit skies and dramatic landscapes of shifting deserts to mighty rivers, open plains and the Great Rift Valley. Then there’s the spectacular wildlife, the stuff you’d only normally see on National Geographic or BBC Earth right there in front of you. Add to that the beautiful beaches on Indian Ocean islands and friendly people, and the scene for your honeymoon is all set.

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5 Questions About Honeymoon Safari Tours


5 Questions About Honeymoon Safari Tours

Answered by Sue Watt

Why should I choose a honeymoon safari?

“Honeymoons should be unforgettable. They should be full of special moments that stay with you for a lifetime. And they should be tailor-made to exactly what you want. A safari ticks all those boxes and more. For lovers of wildlife and nature, it is the ultimate holiday. Imagine a herd of elephant wandering past you in the wilderness, or the sound of lion roaring in the night. Or how about a mountain gorilla just paces away from you in the rainforest. All incredibly intimate moments, which for best effect should be shared with your loved one. It’s not just what you do, but where you stay too that makes for the perfect honeymoon. Africa excels at the sheer variety of safari options. From uberluxury lodges complete with spas, pools and fine dining, to remote bush camps full of back-to-nature vibes, and everything in between. Specialist Africa tour operators offer a whole range of safari packages and tailor-made trips to suit everyone, whatever the budget or destination. ”


What countries/parks do you recommend for a honeymoon trip?

“This is a difficult one – there are so many to choose from! If you’ve never been on safari before, Tanzania is a great choice. It caters to a range of budgets. Explore the dramatic Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti National Park with the unforgettable wildebeest migration. Then head to the Indian Ocean beaches of Zanzibar or its quieter little sister Pemba Island. Botswana is known for its luxury. A spot such as Chief’s Island in the magical Okavango Delta has everything needed for indulgence, as does the Selinda Game Reserve. Taking a mokoro canoe trip along the flooded channels of the Delta as the sun sets is truly romantic. If you love nostalgia, you may want to head to Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve, where the movie ‘Out of Africa’ was filmed. This reserve offers the ultimate in African landscapes, and you’ll create beautiful memories here with your loved one. Rwanda might seem an unusual choice, but it offers some beautiful new lodges and fantastic experiences. There’s chimp trekking in Nyungwe Forest NP with its rainforest bliss. There’s Volcanoes NP for fabulous gorillas. Or the up-and-coming and scenically stunning Akagera NP, now home to the Big Five. If you prefer rustic charm, try Zambia’s South Luangwa NP where many lodges focus more on the bush vibe. You’ll find quirky reed and thatch chalets, excellent dining and wonderful walking safaris. The options are endless!”


Can I combine safari and beach on my holiday?

“Absolutely! The classic ‘bush and beach’ holiday comes into its own when you’re on honeymoon. East African countries such as Tanzania and Kenya are perhaps the best options for this. Both are excellent safari destinations, and gorgeous coastal regions offer plenty of romance and barefoot luxury. Combine the Masai Mara NR with the tiny, traffic-free island of Lamu perhaps. Or Tanzania’s southern circuit of Ruaha NP and Selous GR with the exotic island of Zanzibar. Multicountry options are also possible. Mozambique’s 2500km coastline or the Seychelles are quite easily accessible from South African destinations such as Kruger NP. Zambia is of course landlocked, but you can fly from South Luangwa NP to Likoma Island on Lake Malawi – the most romantic place I’ve ever stayed! Zimbabwe too is landlocked, and while I wouldn’t recommend swimming in Victoria Falls, it does make a great combination with Hwange or Mana Pools national parks. And you can always take a dip in Devil’s Pool on the rim of the gorge when the water levels aren’t too high.”


What extra touches should I request on a honeymoon safari?

“Most safari lodges are adept at those special little touches that turn a holiday into a honeymoon. And of course, many will have a honeymoon suite or a particular room with little extras. Your tour operator can request a bottle of bubbly on arrival or a private bush breakfast in some romantic location. Perhaps a candlelit dinner in a secluded area away from other guests, and even your own private vehicle and guide. Sleeping in a ‘star bed’ is possibly the most romantic of all honeymoon offerings. This is where you sleep on a raised platform or tree house safely out of reach of wild animals. You’ll have just the stars for a ceiling! And hot-air balloon flights must be the most romantic daytime activity. Think of drifting over the Masai Mara or Serengeti with thousands of wildebeest stampeding below.”


What should I consider when choosing a honeymoon trip?

“At the risk of putting a practical dampener on the romance of your honeymoon, the first thing you need to consider is your budget. A honeymoon safari is special whatever you pay and there are plenty of options across the board. Think too about the type of place you want to stay. A superluxury lodge or a more rustic, simple camp that has the beauty of the unspoiled bush? Some people say the more luxurious a place is, the less you get that sense of wilderness and nature. But in truth, there’s no right or wrong in this. It’s your honeymoon and your call. Consider too how active you would want to be on your safari. If you’re into walking, then think about a mobile- or fly-camping safari. With these you stay at different camps every couple of days, walking from one to the next. And what are your interests – birds, elephants, gorillas, wild dogs – what do you really want to see? Finally, timing is all important. Do you plan your wedding around your honeymoon or your honeymoon around your wedding? Think about rainy seasons, the months of the great wildebeest migration and bird migrations, for example. When is the best time to see what you want to see on that special trip of a lifetime?”