General Travel Safety Precautions

How to limit dangers and annoyances

African safaris are generally safe in our opinion. This is especially the case if your visit is primarily an organized tour. Your tour operator and guide will look after your safety at all times. Self-drive safaris are generally safe as well, but it is recommended to seek advice about the safety of the areas you intend to visit. Below are some general safety tips:

  • Buy good travel and health insurance
  • Check the passport and visa requirements for your destination
  • Get all the required vaccinations, antimalarial medication and insect repellent (those containing DEET are most effective)
  • Lock all your travel bags and keep all valuables in your hand luggage
  • Make duplicates of important travel documents or keep copies online
  • Bring appropriate clothing to protect against the sun and mosquitoes and to stay warm on open-vehicle game drives
  • Check luggage restrictions on all your flights (including domestic flights)
  • Don't drive at night
  • Put your valuables in the safety deposit box of your hotel
  • Always be polite and respectful to police officers and military personnel. In the rare instance that you might get asked for a bribe (on a self-drive safari only), a light attitude and a joke might well get you off the hook.