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A Pleasant Park
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This is a pretty park, but it's by no means one of the best in Africa. I did enjoy seeing the roan antelope, eland, zebra and bushbuck. The birding was good as well. I was lucky to see a serval.

I feel that Bale Mountain National Park offers something similar, but more unique. I was able to see species of wildlife such as the Ethiopian wolf and Mountain Nyala which are truly unique.

This stunning park is the definition of unique
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I have visited and worked in many parks around southern Africa and Nyika will always hold the top position for me. I had been given an idea of what to expect but could never have been prepared for the drive into the park. While it's difficult to drive to, it is worth every bump and ditch along the way. I have never seen such stunning scenery. The green (after the rains) hills roll on forever and the patches of montane forest are a world of their own. Some areas will inevitably remind you of Scotland (pine forests are remnants of early park managers trying to get into forestry) until a roan or zebra rushes past and brings you back to Africa. A trip to Fingira Rock and the Juniper Forest are must-dos. The rock is climbable and gives stunning 360 degree views of the park (on a clear day you can supposedly see to Lake Malawi).

The elephants are elusive but their signs are everywhere. To see Nyika elephants is very special indeed. Some claim that Nyika is home to the highest density of leopards in central Africa and my experience there would not dispute this. I had the most amazing leopard sighting of my life there - a mother leopard caught a bushbuck and brought it back to her ~7-month-old cub to practice hunting on. Spotted hyaenas are relatively common and you will often hear them calling at night. It is a great place to bird with many endemics to be found throughout the small habitat patches.

Chelinda Lodge is a fantastic place to stay in the park with amazing and helpful managers. The offered activities include drives, rental of a mountain bike to explore, several day-long hiking trips, and fishing. To wake up in a log cabin while the mist comes through the pines surrounding you is rather surreal in this setting. I cannot more highly recommend Nyika.

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