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Mozambique Tours & Safari Packages

Mozambique’s 2,500km/1,550mi of palm-fringed beaches and its remote islands with first-class luxury lodges are the main draws for visitors. While this is the perfect country for a relaxing beach holiday, there is lots to explore inland as well. Mozambique is in the early stages of re-establishing itself as an ecotourism destination. Its parks and reserves were once major attractions in southern Africa, but the prolonged civil war, which ended almost 30 years ago, left them depleted of wildlife due to heavy poaching. Thanks to huge rehabilitation efforts in more recent years, these parks are worthwhile destinations once again. Visiting here gives the opportunity to help further re-establish some of Africa’s finest wildlife destinations.

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6 Questions About Mozambique Tours


6 Questions About Mozambique Tours

Answered by Ariadne van Zandbergen

Why should I go to Mozambique?

“There are plenty of reasons to go to Mozambique. With its endlessly long, unspoiled Indian Ocean coastline, Mozambique is the ultimate beach destination. The picture-perfect setting of turquoise waters lapping on white sandy beaches fringed by swaying palm trees is like a dream come true. The marine life is phenomenal. You’ll have the opportunity to dive or snorkel with shoals of colorful fish zigzagging around the beautiful coral reefs. Or you can take a boat trip out to get close to dolphins and whales further offshore. Real adventure enthusiasts might want to swim with whale sharks. Meeting the local Mozambicans is easy; these laid-back people love to welcome visitors to their piece of paradise. Go back in time with them on a traditional dhow cruise, check out the art deco Portuguese-influenced architecture, or dance the night away in one of Maputo’s edgy nightclubs. Whatever rocks your boat, don’t walk away without tasting the many tantalizing Mozambican dishes, especially the famous LM prawns.”


Where should I go in Mozambique?

“There is no shortage of stunning beaches in Mozambique. Most popular resort towns are in the south of the country. Ponta do Ouro, located on the southernmost tip of Mozambique, is usually visited from South Africa and is a great place for diving and fishing. Nearby Maputo Special Reserve is a sanctuary for nearly 400 coastal elephants. Nature-lovers will enjoy the bush-and-beach combo in a pristine protected environment. Other resort towns further north include Bilene, Inhambane, Tofo and Vilankulo. The latter is perhaps the biggest tourist hub in Mozambique. You’ll find lots of activities available here, including boat trips to the nearby Bazaruto Archipelago where you’ll enjoy some of the best snorkeling and diving reefs in the country. While you can visit these reefs from mainland Mozambique, staying on one of the archipelago’s islands is a more exclusive option. With several luxury lodges to choose from, the islands are ideal for a romantic getaway. More remote and less developed is the string of islands in the north, known as Quirimbas Archipelago. As is the case further south, the main attractions are the beaches and the marine wildlife, such as whales, dolphins, turtles, dugongs and a magnificent coral reef with associated fish. Aside from these natural wonders, you’ll get a taste of the country’s turbulent history with historical landmarks, such as the old Portuguese fort on Ibo Island.”


Can I extend my African safari with a trip to Mozambique?

“Although Mozambique has plenty to offer for a stand-alone holiday, it is also the perfect companion to a safari in East or southern Africa. It is very easy to add some days in Mozambique to a South Africa safari, for example. And while you might need an extra flight hop, connections are usually good from Kenya and Tanzania too. There are few beaches in East and southern Africa that can really compete with the islands of Mozambique as idyllic destinations. The water is always warm, the reefs protect the shore from big waves, the marine life is incredibly varied and the islands are totally unspoiled. It is no surprise that you’ll find some of the most exquisite lodges here. They cater to families, newlyweds, adventure enthusiasts and people wanting to just get away from it all for a couple of days.”


Which parks should I visit on a Mozambique safari?

“While Mozambique is mostly rated as a beach destination, it has some parks and reserves worth visiting too. Gorongosa National Park, located at the end of the Rift Valley, incorporates a great variety of landscapes and habitats, including lakes, savannahs, woodland, mountains and rainforest. You’re likely to see elephants and plenty of antelope species. Lions are making a comeback too. Limpopo National Park, the Mozambican counterpart of Kruger National Park in South Africa, is home to the Big Five, but wildlife densities are relatively low. You can visit the park from Mozambique, but cross-over adventure trips from Kruger are more popular. You’ll have a very different experience in Maputo Special Reserve. This coastal reserve with its luxury community lodge offers a truly special bush-and-beach experience. You’re likely to see elephants, zebras and a variety of antelope. There are plenty of crocodiles and hippos in the lakes too. Wherever you go in Mozambique, you’ll never be surrounded by many visitors. None of the parks in Mozambique can really compete with the famous parks and reserves in the more established safari countries, such as Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. However, if you’re looking for a bit of an off-the-beaten-track adventure, Mozambique has a lot to offer.”


What is the best time of the year for a holiday in Mozambique?

“The tropical climate of Mozambique makes it suitable as a beach destination throughout the year. However, January and February can be very wet and torrential rains are not uncommon over this period. Underwater visibility for snorkeling and diving is best from April to June and from September to November, when the sea tends to be calm. The dry months from July to October are best for wildlife viewing. At this time animals congregate around lakes and rivers and the thinning bush makes spotting easier.”


How much will a Mozambique safari cost?

“There are several variables determining the price of a Mozambique tour. However, as a guideline, you can expect an 8-day package to cost around US$4,000 per person. The level of accommodation is the biggest factor. Most beach resorts fall in the mid-range to luxury span, but there are a few budget options as well. If you’re looking for a tour visiting several places in the country, you might need some internal flights, which add to the price of the tour. When available, a group tour might be more cost-effective than a private tour. Taking all these variables into account makes for a wide range of prices.”


Mozambique Holiday Reviews

3.9/5 8 Reviews
Lizzie Williams  –  
South Africa ZA

Lizzie is a reputed guidebook writer and author of the Footprint guides to South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Bordered by the Indian Ocean which is dotted with tropical islands offering beach holidays and burgeoning game-viewing

Mozambique’s 2,500-km-long, sunny coastline features stunning, white-sand beaches backed by swaying palms, and world-class coral reefs primed for swimming, diving, snorkelling and sunset sailing on traditional white-sailed dhows. It’s...

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Philip Briggs  –  
South Africa ZA

Philip is an acclaimed travel writer and author of many guidebooks, including the Bradt guides to Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa.

Beaches, history…and a bit of safari

Mozambique is first, second and third a beach nirvana, fourth an area of historic of interest, and maybe eighth or ninth a safari destination. Running all the way north from Ponta do Ouro (on the border with South Africa) to the mighty...

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john v  –  
Ivory Coast CI
Reviewed: Feb 2, 2020
an easy and rewarding trip to Maputo Special Reserve

The Maputo Special Reserve is an important link in the regional wildlife conservation efforts and great efforts have been made to re-establish wildlife, virtually extinct after the civil war, and infrastructure. The combination of the shore...

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Javier Ventosa (homolobis)  –  
Spain ES
Reviewed: Jan 30, 2019
road to the Indian Ocean

MY trip to Mozambique is actually the end of a trip that started in Zambia and after crossing this country and Malawi, I reached the Mozambique border to cross the country from west to east until I reached the Indian Ocean. Mozambique is...

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Charl Grobler  –  
Tanzania TZ
Reviewed: Jan 5, 2019
Epic adventures in Mozambique, Southern Africa's last frontier

The trip started in Cape Town, South Africa and goal was to reach Arusha, Tanzania. Natasha and I are well travelled and along with our trusty land cruiser, we thrive on adventure. We decided to take an alternative route north, hugging the...

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