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2-Day Nyerere (Selous) Safari Tours

4.4/5  –  97 Nyerere Reviews

Having 2 days to spend in Nyerere National Park (which used to be called Selous Game Reserve) is a fabulous safari experience. Although 2 days is not very long in this fantastic park, which is known for its lions, elephants, numerous other wildlife species, birdlife and varied landscapes, it’s still an excellent place to visit and explore, no matter how long you are here. Part of the park’s charm is the abundant water within and along its boundaries, adding both beauty and interesting wildlife habitat to your safari. Taking a boat safari along the Rufiji River is one of the best things you can do while on safari anywhere in Tanzania.

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5 Questions About 2-Day Nyerere (Selous) Safaris


5 Questions About 2-Day Nyerere (Selous) Safaris

Answered by Anthony Ham

Is a 2-day Nyerere (Selous) safari too short?

“Yes and no. On the one hand, the 2 days you spend in Nyerere will probably create safari memories that will last a lifetime. Having 2 days here is infinitely better than not visiting at all. In that sense, every second here is precious and worthwhile, and the better you plan your safari, the more likely you are to make the most of your time here. At the same time, a 2-day Nyerere safari will mean you’re only here for 1 night and 2 days. The first of your 2 days will include time spent getting to the park, and on the second day you will spend time returning. If you travel early on the first day and late on the second, you might be able to factor in three or four guided game drives, although only two of those will be at the best time of day. Another option would be to have one afternoon game drive and a morning game drive, with a boat trip on the Rufiji River in between. Either way, when your safari comes to an end, you’ll almost certainly wish you had longer.”


How much does a 2-day Nyerere safari cost?

“A 2-day Nyerere safari will start at US$200 per person per day for the cheapest safari, but could cost three times that price for a luxury experience. One of the reasons for such high costs is that, with only 2 days in total, you’ll have to include the cost of two flight transfers (to and from Nyerere), as well as the daily park entrance fee of US$50/25 per adult/child, in your safari. If you’re here for more days, the cost of the flights at least would be spread out over more days. The cost of your tour is influenced by a number of factors. One of these is your accommodation. There’s really cheap budget camping just outside the eastern park entrance (Mtemere Gate), as well as super-luxurious tented camps deep inside the park. Most accommodation falls somewhere between the two of these. Also important is the season in which you travel: high season (with its sky-high prices) runs from June to October. And you’re sure to pay more for a private safari (where you’ll have, and pay for, the guide, driver and vehicles to yourself) than you will if you’re traveling as part of a group safari.”


What is the best way to get to Nyerere?

“Given that Nyerere is a long way from most other parks in Tanzania, and because you only have 2 days for your safari (including transfers to and from the park), flying is definitely your best option. Getting around by air is always more expensive than traveling by road, but with so little time, you don’t really have an option. The advantage of flying is, of course, that you will have some incredible views of Nyerere on your way in and out, making for a spectacular beginning and ending to your tour. Flying into Nyerere usually means flying into the airstrip just outside the park’s eastern Mtemere Gate, from where you’ll be taken to your accommodation. Your flight might be from Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro International Airport (between Moshi and Arusha in northern Tanzania), or even from an airstrip in another Tanzanian park or reserve if your 2-day Nyerere safari is part of a wider trip.”


What kind of accommodation is available for an overnight stay in Nyerere?

“Nyerere has some excellent accommodation to choose from. Some of these (especially the budget options) will be just outside the park’s eastern Mtemere Gate, while others lie scattered across the park and within its boundaries. Much of the accommodation outside the park is on the banks of the Rufiji River, offering fantastic sunset views. Some of these places offer a mix of mid-range safari tent accommodation and cheaper campsites with communal facilities. Most of the other accommodation consists of tented camps, where you’ll sleep in safari tents of various shapes and sizes. The better ones have river or water views, en suite bathrooms, mosquito nets, a private terrace, a writing desk, and a wooden chest or other traditional safari furnishings. Most places also have a restaurant, bar, lounge area and possibly a swimming pool.”


Which activities are available on a 2-day Nyerere trip?

“The two main activities on your 2-day Nyerere safari will be guided game drives and boat journeys. On a guided game drive, you’ll be taken out around dawn for a few hours, and again around mid- to late afternoon until sunset. These are the hours best suited to wildlife viewing because this is when the animals are at their most active, temperatures are cooler and the light is perfect for photography. Boat safaris or excursions can happen at any time, but they’re especially worthwhile and picturesque around sunset as the sun sinks below the western horizon out beyond the river. You might see land animals coming down for a drink by the water’s edge, but hippos and crocs are also likely. Other possible activities include bush breakfasts (breakfast served out in the bush), village visits and the sundowner. The latter is a part of many guided game drives and involves stopping in a pretty place just before sunset for a drink and snacks. It’s a lovely (and very civilized) safari tradition.”


Nyerere Reviews

4.4/5 97 Reviews
Gemma Pitcher  –  
Australia AU

Gemma authored several Lonely Planet guidebooks, including the guides to Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

My Top Tip for Tanzania

Nyerere (Selous) National Park is my favourite game area in Tanzania, and possibly the whole of Africa. The landscape, with its emerald-green swamplands, dead trees submerged in water and shaggy-topped palms, is ravishingly beautiful. You...

Full Review

Sue Watt  –  
United Kingdom UK

Sue is an award-winning writer who specializes in African travel and conservation. She writes for national newspapers, magazines, Rough Guides and Lonely Planet.

True Wilderness – and wild dogs

If you’re after a true wilderness sensation that goes beyond the confines of a Land Cruiser, then come to Nyerere National Park (formerly Selous Game Reserve). A vast chunk of Nyerere, most of the land south of the Rufiji River, is sadly...

Full Review

Harald Schulz  –  
Germany DE
Reviewed: Mar 18, 2024

It were not the big five but maybe in the other national parks. We were in the wrong national park to see them. This were the first safari and visit in Tansania .It was a great visit in this national park and we saw many another animals. ...

Full Review

Danielle  –  
Israel IL
Reviewed: Oct 7, 2023

Not every animal chose to appear for us, but we were able to get close to an incredibly diverse range of animals and birds. Our guide was highly professional and knowledgeable and really enhanced our understanding of what we were seeing.

Full Review

Andros Belfonte  –  
Trinidad and Tobago TT
Reviewed: Jul 14, 2023

I was able to see 3 of the Big 5. Elephant, Buffalo and Leopard. Didn't see any lions on the day but they are around sometimes. No rhinos on this park. It was a magnificent 3 day experience with a lot of wildlife. The tour guide was...

Full Review

Jaroslav Karhánek  –  
Czech Republic CZ
Reviewed: May 12, 2023

As I mentioned before in review for Tanzania, this park is emazing. Close to Dar es Salaam so if you do not have so much time this is the best option and you will not regret it. Many animals, great landscape, kind people and everything 5*....

Full Review