Company Profile

Established  in 2011, Palms adventure safaris and Pilgrimages is a local Ugandan tour company providing destination management services in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Democratic republic of Congo. The company was created on the principle of developing quality, unique and authentic safari experiences which meet our client’s individual tests and preferences. We thrive on providing meaningful moments, based on interpersonal encounters and experiences in the powerful African nature by making sure a group friends will have the wildest party in the wilderness, give that couple a super romantic get a way, and organize an all-inclusive unforgettable family safari which is fun and educative for the kids as well as relaxing for the Adults..

We take the stress away from you having to wonder whether it is possible to achieve your dream safari by offering our 30 years’ combined experience and expertise in the industry to aid in planning where you will stay, what you will see, and how you will get around.

We pride ourselves in providing the very best customized safari holiday experiences in Uganda and other East African countries.  

When planning an itinerary for anyone interested in traveling here, we ask detailed questions about places you would like to see, amount time you like to spend and many other important details that contribute to making the trip a success. 

To inspire and help you to choose a style for your adventures, we have divided our products into four categories. We create moments for the playful and adrenaline junkies, moments for those who want relaxation, moments for those who want to challenge their creative side, and moments for those who want a little of everything. In addition, we aim to offer options focused on environmental conservation, charity, health and fitness.

Having immersed ourselves in several memorable adventure safaris throughout Uganda and the east African region as well as working with various companies in the tour and travel industry over a combined period of 29 years, my mum (Christine Kibirige) and I decided in 2011 that it was time for us to share our vast knowledge and experiences of this beautiful pearl of Africa to the rest of the world in the unique ways we used to plan and make our own trips thus the birth of Palms Adventure safari and Pilgrimages.

Today this family owned company has grown in to a fully-fledged professional tour company which we are using as vessel to expose those unique places, cultures that have not yet been discovered by the wider world while also creating unforgettable authentic African experiences that you will not find anywhere else on the planet.

Our love and passion for what we do just continues growing from strength to strength whenever we make one more person, family, group of friends, or couple’s African adventure worthwhile. So we cannot wait to fill you with some beautiful memories and awesome stories to tell loved ones once your African adventure is complete.

We warmly welcome you and look forward to serving you.

Know about the places before you visit: We would like to make sure you have a great knowledge of Uganda and other destinations before you come and that is why in on each country’s page, we have provided detailed information and many locations for you to look at. Uganda and East Africa might seem like an easy destination to sell but most of the agents that sell it only know the famous attractions like the mountain gorillas, Serengeti, Masai mara and even then, they will only be able to sell the most basic tours, the ones they find online.  However with us, we make sure that you know your options here, the distances, things that you should absolutely NOT miss.

Tailored experiences: We want you to decide how you want to enjoy your holiday, that is why our customized itineraries are all different and built specifically for you. We also don’t organize scheduled departures because we feel our clients know best when it is the right time to take that much needed break and that’s why our safaris are not similar to safaris you have seen around. All we will do is provide you with information on the seasons and advise on the best time to travel depending on the season you pick.

Efficient service: We guarantee replies within 24 hours, so with us don’t expect that once you get in touch, it will take weeks to get back to you because we know that it is an honor that you have chosen us above the rest to serve you. And, as mentioned above, once we are able to get precise details about your exact needs and preferences, we will initiate the planning process where we will ensure that the first itinerary you receive is perfect.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about the time differences. We are available during normal business hours for both American and European time zones and you have access to us 24 hours a day in case of an emergency. We are just a phone call OR an email away.

Personal Touch: We stay in touch with you from the time you contact us to the time you safely arrive back home. In other words, we don’t forget about you once you have paid for your trip because we know our success is measured on your comfort, safety and having wonderful stories to tell family and friends once you are go back home.

Very competitive and Garanted prices: For groups of friends, couples and individuals we can not only provide you with the very best recommendations for accommodations and offer all of the services you will need when visiting, but we can also save you a lot of money.  Many of our clients can't even believe the prices that we come up with and that has to do with our buying power, the fact that we are here in East Africa and have many friends, family members and long-time colleagues who are either safari properties owners or service providers, who you know here means everything! We also have our own safari vehicles and in house professional guides all of which contribute to making your safari experience more affordable. So we are able to get prices that you can't because of our friendships and partnerships. From us don’t expect price changes once you have booked and confirmed your trip with us.

At Palms adventure safaris and Pilgrimages we highly respect and cherish the environment as well as the communities in which we operate, that is why we have taken major steps in helping to conserve the environment plus improve the lives of the people in the communities we operate. One of the initiatives we have undertaken to archive this is through our environmentally friendly ground breaking cycling safaris product. This is the first of its kind in Uganda where our clients explore the country’s beautiful attractions on the bike as a way of reducing carbon emissions released by vehicles so that we can protect this much cherished nature for future generations.

We have also come up with an annual cycling event called Kampala Adventure Cycling where we invite people from all over the world to participate in a 7days cycling adventure expedition which starts with a one day fun ride around Kampala Uganda’s capital city. The proceeds we raise from this event go towards helping children born and raised in the prisons by women convicted of various crimes, through providing them with all the basic necessities such as educational materials, food and shelter because we feel society has neglected these innocent souls for the crimes committed by their parents and without early intervention to help them, the cycle of crime will continue as many end up on the streets begging or involved in petty crimes to survive. So please look out for our next edition and register to participate. You will be a blessing to a less privileged soul.


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