Company Profile

Born & bred Zimbabweans on a mission to help you experience Zim like a local.  We are morally opposed to over-priced corporate, cookie-cutter tourism, so we collaborate with Zimparks to get you to awesome places deep inside our amazing National Parks at a fraction of the cost of private camps and with much more fun. Self-Drive & Glamping options in our range of Land Cruisers configured for 2PAX, 4PAX and 8PAX pop-roof gameviewer + bush trailer. Trained rangers guide you on foot to experience unforgetable exclusive adventures such as Mana Pools at less than one quarter the price of private bushcamps. We work with you to tailor-make your trip to your specific interests, be it wildlife, photography, birding or trails.

We love everything Zim and are comitted to getting you to all the best spots around our country. We bring you Zim the Zimbos do it, twice the fun and much cheaper than corporate tours where every agent takes their comission without any real knowledge of which sites are the best or caring about your experience. 

We operate all our own 4x4s and have unparelled Itinerary Planning, Bookings, Fuel & Mechanical Assistance support in-country. Zim is only complicated if you don't have local suppport. Get our local knowledge on your side.

P.S. You might even learn something to take home with you from our plucky little country in the things it leads the world: Respect for your fellow Man, Kindness in all Situations, Resourcefullness, Resiliance and Humour!


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