Company Profile

"To escape from everyday life, to surrender to the beauty of this country and to experience unforgettable moments that won't let you go in your whole life. To give you this feeling is our greatest goal"As organisers of trekking, cultural and safari tours in Tanzania and in the Himalayas we cultivate a passionate relationship with our well selected countries of travel. The colourful and unspoiled countries, the diverse mind-blowing wildlife, the infinite freedom on the summits hold us under their spell.

Why travel with geoDiscovery Tours? 
geoDiscovery Tours is not only our company, but also a reflection of our passion for the mountains of Tanzania and the Himalayas, by its diverse wildlife such as Safari, its people and its rich cultures. This is why the principles of our company include fair treatment of our employees and business partners, safety for our customers, and protection and preservation of nature & cultures, in addition to sustainable tourism and environmental protection. 

Fairness along the entire tourism chain is the flagship of our company. Our guides and porters are among the key performers in our company. They are a very high priority for us. We ensure that these, our key performers, receive fair remuneration and are treated as equals and with due respect. This is why we do not negotiate giveaway prices with our business partners, which would ultimately be at the expense of local people, the guides and porters.
We also invest in appropriate trekking & Safari equipment for our guides, porters and drivers, as well as in their training and further development and qualifications. 

On the same principle of fairness for all we also offer you, our customers, a fair price per-formance package, and abstain from high surcharges.

Your safety and comfort are our top priority and for that we do everything possible to help to make your trip a safe and memorable adventure.  We only run tours with good acclimatization on Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru. We keep the minimum number of days recommended by all international mountain associations such as the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation as well as our own rating of mountain safety. Kilimanjaro could also be covered in a few days. However, experience shows that this leads to increased altitude sickness and a much lower success rate on the summit which we want to prevent. 

On request, we will be happy to book further trips through enchanting Tanzania, the first and last night of your trip and/or organize your transfer from and to the airport.


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