Company Profile

Welcome to Bugoli Adventures a Uganda's registered and licensed Tour and Travel company for now 6 years, our mission and vision have remained true to our founding principles and values; integrity, doing what is right always, being innovative and creative all the time and service deliver beyond customer expectations. And for these values, Bugoli adventures has been customers’ number one choice for their safaris to Africa.

Given the vast knowledge we possess regarding our country Uganda and the entire region, and the long lasting relationships with communities and local destination managers, we tailor for our clients unforgettable journeys that astonish and meet each and everyone’s needs. We operate in over 4 east African countries including Uganda, Rwanda, D.R. Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar and we boast over 100 unique travel experiences that we provide off our shelves. That intimacy, authenticity and trustworthy are what connect us deeply with our clientele worldwide, and our safari guides are the best traveling companions you will ever find.


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