Company Profile

Oloi Shorua OPC Private Limited ( formerly known as Go Beyond Travels), started in February 2009, as a division of The Mahalakshmi Glass Works Pvt. Ltd. The other companies in the group include Go Beyond Representations specializing in travel marketing. The company rebranded as it separated from The Mahalakshmi Glass Works as a one person company to focus on exclusive experiences in Africa and other parts of the world.

The name Oloi Shorua comes from the Masai language which essentially means “the one that takes from the universe and shares with the people”.  There is a very interesting story behind the name. Our director, Shantanu Chand, who travelled a lot to Africa, came across the Masai Chief of the Maji Moto village. On hearing how extensively the Director had traversed the African continent, the chief commented that “you are one of us and thus we must give you a Masai name”. He then proceeded to baptise Shantanu Chand with the name Oloi Shorua. It was thus befitting that the company too should be given an African touch and feel and thus the name.

Shantanu Chand, is an avid wildlife enthusiast and has immense knowledge of the African as well as local Indian Wildlife. Apart from the African Experience he is well travelled across 5 continents. His passion has led to the creation of this company, which specializes in trips out of the ordinary. An African wildlife experience justifies at least, a once in a lifetime experience. Hence he has made multiple visits and is well versed with the lay of the land.

Along with many partners  based out of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Addis Ababa, Lusaka, Mfuwe, Malawi, Nairobi ,Mombasa and other countries, Oloi Shorua OPC Private Limited… brings this experience to you.
We organize tailored safaris and adventures to suit our clients’ budgets and dreams. 


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