Company Profile

Inspired by the belief that life is too precious to waste away in average indulgences; Tawi, a
high-end boutique tours and travel agency focuses on curating purpose driven luxury travel
itineraries to our clientele composed of families, small groups and a select corporate
organizations. We are deliberate in our effort to deliver unique and creative ways of travel that
offer the ultimate travel adventure to our carefully handpicked and vetted destinations.
We invite the curious, the inspired, and the connected to join TAWI family and explore our
customized travel itineraries that cater to the diverse needs of those who hunger for more while
still anticipating the sheer pleasure of an unmatched end to end travel adventure.
We understand that the destination matters; but our experience confirms that how you get
there counts for a lot more. Our itineraries combine adventure and relaxation, luxury and
natural simplicity, social experiences and solitude; to give you the best of what the world has
to offer with every enchanting encounter.


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