Company Profile

NXAI Travel is a family owned travel management company established by Mrs Keletso Guga and Mr Melvon Guga.

Nxai as travel agency offers full customised friendly safari packages to exciting destinations throughout Botswana and neighbouring countries. NXAI runs it’s head administrative and marketing operations locally out of its offices in Gaborone, Botswana. 

NXAI’s roots lie in Botswana, where the business began. The company is named after the amazing Nxai Pan. The park derives its name from a curved stick ‘Nxa’, which the San used to dig out springhares and which the form of the park resembles.

Inspiration came from the owners and staff, who have a true love for the country and a deep-seated commitment, not only to preserve Botswana’s wildlife and natural wonders, but to share them with the rest of the world.

NXAI Travel offers you a wholesome and distinct insight into the wonders of Botswana’s amazingly diverse landscape, wildlife, history and cultural heritage. An Africa travel experience arranged by NXAI is not just another cliché of safari vacation on offer as part of any standard travel business. Our expeditions are crafted by a diverse family and team born-bred in Africa, who love the continent and care to deliver the finest tour experiences from a native perspective.

Discovering new sights and unique attractions is our greatest strength. Botswana as a land of great diversity in its people, cultures, landscapes, fauna and flora inspires us to continuously strive to identify new and untapped attractions. We believe that every part of this country has something unique and fascinating, its natural advantage allows us to introduce and discern to travellers with shared interests.

Clients who have travelled with NXAI and those who personally work with us on daily basis or know us from our efforts to give back and make a positive change in Botswana, easily recognize that we are not the norm: we genuinely care and offer a heartfelt commitment to our guests and to the integration of responsible tourism with wildlife conservation, ecology safeguarding and the wellbeing of indigenous cultural communities.

We are dedicated to service excellence, providing undivided attention to our clients,meticulous attention to detail as well as uncompromising safety standards.

We have a team of competent and experienced staff well versed with the tourism industry. Our booking agents are well knowledgeable about vegetation, birds, animals, people, the country Botswana and the rest of the Southern African region as a whole.


  • All corporate and/or tour info is provided by Nxai Travel, not SafariBookings