Company Profile

As a proud owner-run 4x4 tour operator, Bonsai-SA 4x4 Adventures and Tours offers guided self-drive or self-guided self-drive tours to fit your needs. We are based in Pretoria and have a variety of options to choose from. Otherwise, we can assist you in planning a trip to remember. We strive to offer you that “once-in-a-lifetime experience”.

You will stay in chalets, cabins, safari tents or camp (own camping equipment to be supplied) in the specific South African or Eswatini national park or nature reserve. On some of the eco trails that last for more than one day, you will have to be self-sufficient in terms of a tent, food, water, etc.

A 4x4 vehicle or a vehicle with a high ground clearance is best suited for the road and trail conditions you will experience on our tours. Rest assured, your guide is fully qualified to assist you with any 4x4 challenges you might encounter (guided tour options). You will be advised on what type of vehicle is best suited for a particular tour and a quotation for the rental of your vehicle can be provided.

Driving your vehicle gives you more flexibility and opportunities to explore the areas around rest camps and campsites. The advantage is that you are not "forced" to go where the group goes. Our tours are planned to provide you with time to explore on your own. These add to the experience of exploring. It provides you with more comfort, leg space, luggage space and to stop more often. Your guide will always provide directions to do this safely (guided tour options).

Hand-held two-way radios are used for communication while driving in a convoy (guided tour options). This also assists in communicating interesting information about the surrounding area (guided tour options).

An information pack with maps and other related information will be provided for your self-drive tour option to assist you during your tour.

Johan, your guide for guided tour options, is qualified as a National 4x4 And Overlanding Adventure Guide - Overnight Camping and is registered with the South African Department of Tourism (registration number GP 6210). He is also registered as a professional South African Adventure Industry Association (SA AIA) member. He may guide 4x4 tours, trips and activities, overlanding tours and overland tours in eco-sensitive areas. He will apply the principles of "leave no trace" when guiding tours with overnight camping options in eco-sensitive areas.

Elna, Johan's wife, is the assistant guide on the tours. She makes sure that everything is running smoothly and according to plan.


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