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South Africa Travel Guide

- Overview South Africa Safaris

South Africa Travel Guide

South Africa is a great destination for a varied holiday. It offers fantastic wildlife viewing, beautiful beaches, trendy cities and much more. Kruger is its flagship park with many self-drive and budget options and all of the Big Five are easily seen.

Pros and Cons
  • Excellent and easily accessible wildlife viewing
  • Self-drive, package or tailor-made safaris for any budget
  • A wide variety of habitats and scenery
  • Excellent service and a slick tourist industry
  • Good infrastructure and shops
  • Less wilderness appeal and fenced parks

Premier Parks and Reserves All 43 parks & reserves Want to visit South Africa?

Safari Reviews

- South Africa
Expert Rating
Scenic beauty
Bush vibe help
User Rating
Scenic beauty
Bush vibe help
Latest User Review
By Jennifer from United StatesUS

We visited South Africa as a family trip and are now scheming how to make it an annual event that all in the family can attend. A trip intended to expose my mom and my oldest two nephews to international travel and it was an absolute success. PaperJe... Full review

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