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Sol   –  
Kenya KE
Visited: March 2018 Reviewed: Mar 29, 2018

Email Sol  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

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Uganda was impressive country. However, this was the worst safari experience I have ever had.
If someone really needs to contact this agency, please make sure to read the followings;
1) The proposal you receive via e-mail is different from what you need to pay when you get out of airport.
They intentionally give you low-cost quote and change their word saying it was a 'mistake' which they've been repeating many times already.
Please make sure to bring extra cash to pay when asked for.
Otherwise, you need to look for ATM which is not easily working in the country.
Also, you will need to undergo unpleasant argument throughout the journey until you pay the extra money.
2) This agency is appropriate for those who do not travel alone - especially not for a single lady.
When you are traveling by yourself, then you will encounter a blackmail in the middle of trip that the tour guide will drop you off there and leave in the middle of nowhere.
3) You will understand what is typical African-style lie, telling whatever they want to convince you to pay more. Didn't want to argue about details, but it was disgusting to listen to throughout the journey.

Reply from Vivid Adventure Safaris Ltd
Reply from Vivid Adventure Safaris Ltd
Posted on Mar 31, 2018

Hullo Sora
On behalf of our team and our company we are truly sorry for the misunderstandings that we had and i sincerely hope we put this behind us however it was unprofessional of us not to tell you before you arrived however we did all we could to make your safari a success like we had promised and i strongly believe you had a wonderful safari according to what your videos and pictures portray which we already posted on our website and facebook page with your permission according to our guide representative.
Initially your safari cost was supposed to be 1885dollars for a single traveller which we had underquoted on our official page which had 1340dollars per person for a 4DAYS WILDLIFE AND GORILLA SAFARI IN UGANDA. You agreed (1300dollars) with one of our staff but before you arrived we were handling clients going on the same safari(Julie and Mette) who completely understood our mistake and they had the best of their safari and we had to update the cost of this safari on our official page but unfortunately you had booked and when you arrived we had to explain to you like we had done to our past clients(Mette and Julie) because the safari was less 600dollars which was supposed to be for the gorilla permit and we pleaded for you to atleast add 300dollars and leave the rest to the company which you did atlast but unsatisfied to which we regret so much that we made you feel that way. We are truly sorry.
The following is the budget for your safari on the amount (1600dollars) which you paid to us;
Day 1(15th march) on your arrival to Uganda (accomodation) bed and breakfast costed 140dollars plus 15dollars (dinner) at Cassia lodge
Day2 (16th march) transfer to Queen elizabeth national park(accomodation) fullboard costed 120dollars at Marafiki safari lodge.
Day3 (17th march) transfer to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park(accomodation) costed 150dollars at ichumbi gorilla lodge.
Day4 (18th march) transfer to Lake bunyonyi on your last day (accomodation) costed 55dollars at Craterbay cottages lodge.
Day5 (19th march) transfer to kampala
Boat cruise at Queen elizabeth national park on kazinga channel costed 30dollars.
Gorilla permit to track gorillas at bwindi impenetrable forest national park costed 600dollars.
Vehicle(landcruiser) costed 100dollars per day multiply by four days costing 400dollars
Tour guide for vivid adventure safari ltd costs 50dollars per day multiply by 4days costing 200dollars
Fuel for the whole safari costed 300dollars
Sora the (300dollars) you added to your safari was to add on the (300dollars) that we compesated to you so that to pay for your gorilla permit which you paid yourself on ground using your credit card at the tracking headquaters.
We are sorry and we assure you that such a misunderstanding will never happen again to any of our clients.
As you can read from our past clients review what happened to us and you was a mistake and a misunderstanding which we request you to forgive us. thanks.

Vivid Adventure Safaris Ltd

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