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3-Day Safari From Zanzibar - Compare 168 Tours

Zanzibar has so many attractions, and yet wildlife is not among them. So once you’ve seen everything that Zanzibar has to offer, it’s time to head over to the Tanzanian mainland and go on safari. On a 3-day safari, you’ll have 2 nights and 1 full day in a national park or reserve. Where you go requires careful planning, but it’s a whole lot of fun picking which animals you’d like to see and planning where to find them. Combining a mainland safari with time on Zanzibar is a popular trip, and the possible tours and packages are seemingly endless. But if you take your time and make the right choices, you can get ready for an extraordinary trip.

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1-20 of 168 three day safari itineraries starting from from Zanzibar

5 Questions About 3-Day Safaris From Zanzibar


5 Questions About 3-Day Safaris From Zanzibar

Answered by Anthony Ham

Which parks are typically visited on a 3-day safari from Zanzibar?

“The most popular parks for a 3-day safari from Zanzibar are Nyerere National Park (formerly Selous Game Reserve) and Mikumi National Park, both in the south of Tanzania. These are two of the best parks anywhere in East Africa. You may be able to fly directly from Zanzibar to either of these parks, or in the case of Nyerere, to the airstrip just outside the park’s main eastern gate. Another (often cheaper) option is to fly to Dar es Salaam and go on a driving safari to Saadani National Park, which is along the coast not far from Dar. Given that you’ll be flying, you could also reach some of the parks in Tanzania’s north on a fly-in safari from Zanzibar. These might include Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara National Park or Tarangire National Park.”


Is the south or north of Tanzania better for a 3-day trip from Zanzibar?

“Most people who go on a 3-day safari from Zanzibar visit parks in the country’s south, such as Nyerere or Mikumi National Parks, largely because it takes less time to reach these parks. This means you can spend more time on safari rather than traveling. This is especially important when you only have 3 days to enjoy your safari. In the case of Saadani National Park, it may have less wildlife, but it’s just across the water from Zanzibar and therefore also keeps your traveling time low. It is possible to visit the northern parks on a 3-day safari from Zanzibar, but you should check what’s involved in getting there. In most cases, you’ll need to fly to Arusha from Zanzibar, and then change planes for a flight to the park you’re visiting. Apart from spending longer in the air, you’ll usually also need to take two flights, which can take up valuable time changing planes.”


Are 3 days enough for a trip from Zanzibar?

“I think that 3 days on a safari out of Zanzibar is the minimum for really getting to enjoy your trip. Three days on safari means that you will fly from Zanzibar to your park (hopefully as early as possible) on day 1 and then fly back (hopefully late in the day) on day 3. This gives you 2 nights and 1 full day in the park on safari. This will mean that you can go on at least four game drives (or three game drives and a boat excursion on the Rufiji River if you’re visiting Nyerere). You’ll also be able to go on your game drives at the ideal times for seeing the animals: they’re most active and more easily seen early in the morning and late in the afternoon. And with three or four game drives to look forward to, you greatly increase your chances of seeing the animals you’ve come so far to see.”


Are all 3-day safaris from Zanzibar fly-in safaris?

“Any 3-day safari from Zanzibar will involve a flight to the mainland. This is because you can’t go on a classic safari on Zanzibar Island itself. Although Zanzibar does have some wildlife parks, they’re more like zoos, rather than a safari experience where you can see animals in the wild. The option that includes the least flying is a trip to Saadani National Park, which is close to Dar es Salaam. You could fly (or catch a boat) to Dar and then drive to Saadani. All other safari options require that you fly from Zanzibar to the park of your choice; most often this means Nyerere or Mikumi National Parks in the south. There are many different tours and packages, but the true fly-in safari involves flying to an airstrip in (or just outside) the national park, where you’ll be picked up and driven to your accommodation. This is how most safaris from Zanzibar operate.”


How much does a 3-day trip from Zanzibar cost?

“If you’re looking for a cheap and affordable 3-day safari from Zanzibar, your best choice is likely to be a budget camping safari in Saadani National Park. This might be possible for US$200 to US$250 per person per day, which should include transfers, park entry fees, accommodation (including camping equipment), food and some drinks, guide, driver, vehicle and game drives. If you’re on a budget camping safari, you might be expected to help with some chores around camp. If you’re looking for a more luxurious trip to Nyerere or Mikumi or another of the southern parks, you can expect your safari to start at US$400 per person per day. Although prices can be double or even triple that if you choose to stay in the most luxurious accommodation in high season. Visiting one of the parks in Tanzania’s north may cost even more, as you may need to add in extra flights.”


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Absolute beauty and sheer diversity!

We had six days in Serengeti and Ngorongoro protected areas and we absolutely loved it! Ndutu region was marvellous with lots of game sightings and more intimate experiences with nature. Here, sighting a caracal, a family of five bat-eared...

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Wonderful, very scenic, diversified = tropical forest, savannah + beautiful beaches. People friendly

See above written. As a sole female traveler, no problem. I strongly suggest that one interact with the people; enjoy authentic interactions by taking a ride on the back of a motorbike on a beach or village road, go fishing with a local...

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