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Day Trips From Arusha - Compare 175 Tours

Almost everyone who visits northern Tanzania passes through Arusha, but too many visitors rush out of town to Tarangire, Lake Manyara and beyond almost as soon as they arrive. If you have the time, Arusha is worth at least an extra day to explore the city itself or visit one of the other attractions not far from town. These include Arusha National Park and cultural visits to local villages. In Arusha itself, you could also enjoy getting to know this dynamic provincial town with its appealing mix of local museums and markets, and fascinating street life. And wherever you find yourself in or around Arusha, keep your eyes on the north, for those precious moments when the summit of Mt Meru emerges from the clouds.

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5 Questions About Day Trips From Arusha


5 Questions About Day Trips From Arusha

Answered by Anthony Ham

How can I find a reliable operator for a 1-day safari in Arusha?

“The best place to start looking for a reliable operator for a day trip in Arusha is on This extensive resource allows you to consider all the different possible trips and itineraries on offer. It also has expert reviews of many of these attractions by experienced safari experts who have done the activities and visited each of the places in question, which enables them to compare the various possibilities. Best of all, you’ll also find on the SafariBookings website reviews of each tour and safari operator by real travelers like you. These reviews are based on firsthand experience and can give you an idea of what to expect, both in terms of the places you visit, and the performance and service levels of the operators you’re considering.”


What day trips are available from Arusha?

“Before considering possible day trips beyond Arusha, remember that a city tour of Arusha itself can be a fantastic way to spend your day. The city has lots of museums, busy markets aimed at locals rather than tourists, coffee estates that run tours, and terrific places to eat. One popular day trip from Arusha is to take a cultural tour to a village close to the city. These can involve all kinds of activities, such as market visits, cooking classes, nature walks, cultural performances and more. Most last a whole day and are outstanding ways to learn a little about local life. Also possible from Arusha is a visit to Arusha National Park. Mt Meru crowns this beautiful park and the up-close mountain views from inside the park are even more awe-inspiring than they are from the city. Apart from the scenery, it’s also a good chance to see wildlife within an easy drive from one of Tanzania’s largest cities. Another worthwhile excursion is to Chemka Hot Springs, which lies south off the Arusha–Moshi road.”


Can I rent a car in Arusha for a 1-day self-drive?

“It’s certainly possible to rent a car in Arusha and drive out into the surrounding area. Remember, however, that traffic in and close to Arusha can be terrible. If you do plan on driving out of the city, get as early a start as possible to avoid the worst of the traffic. With some hire companies, self-drive rentals may not be possible and they will expect you to travel with one of their drivers. This can be a good idea anyway if you’re nervous about driving in Tanzania, and it doesn’t generally cost much more than if you were to rent a vehicle on its own. If you do plan on renting, get lots of local advice about what road conditions you can expect where you’re going. While a small car may be cheaper, you’ll feel safer in a larger vehicle on busy roads with lots of trucks. Alternatively, having a 4WD may also be necessary if your planned route involves any unpaved roads or tracks.”


Which animals can I expect to see on a 1-day safari from Arusha?

“Your main wildlife-viewing options on a 1-day Arusha safari will happen on a visit to Arusha National Park, which is by far the closest national park to the city. In the park, especially around Momella Lakes, there’s a good chance you’ll see giraffe, zebra and buffalo. Another good spot for seeing animals is the area known as Serengeti Ndogo (Little Serengeti) where many of the animals gather. Other possible sightings if you’re really lucky as you explore the park include elephant, waterbuck, bushbuck, klipspringer and hippo, as well as the Kilimanjaro colobus or troops of blue monkey in the forests. Real prizes that you don’t see in many other parks include Harvey’s red duiker and the suni. There aren’t many predators in the park, and they’re rarely seen, but they include leopard, spotted hyena, serval and African wild cat. Arusha National Park has more than 400 different bird species, so make sure you bring your binoculars.”


Are day trips from Arusha safe?

“While nothing can ever be guaranteed, in our opinion day trips from Arusha are extremely safe. The overwhelming number of visitors to areas outside the city never experience any problems. Inside Arusha National Park, for example, you’ll be very safe, and the animals should pose no danger to you and your fellow travelers, provided that you follow the advice of your guide at all times. For example, never leave your safari vehicle unless they tell you that it is safe to do so. Like any large city, Arusha does have its share of social problems, with petty crime (such as pickpocketing) occasionally occurring in busy areas. But such incidents are extremely rare and serious crime affecting safari visitors is almost unheard of. It really is the case that almost every visitor to Arusha never experiences any problems while in the city.”


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