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Zimbabwe Honeymoon Safaris

There are few possible trips more romantic than an exclusive African honeymoon safari, and Zimbabwe is an ideal destination for just such an experience. Apart from the exceptional wildlife-watching possibilities, stunning landscapes and welcoming locals, Zimbabwe is well known for its highly professional safari industry. Most safari trails here are also far less crowded than those in many other countries in Africa. Careful planning is a must, to make sure that the trip you have in mind matches the trip you end up having. But such are the possibilities in this wonderful country that you can get ready for an experience as special as you dream it to be.

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1-20 of 24 honeymoon safaris to Zimbabwe

7 Questions About Zimbabwe Honeymoon Safaris


7 Questions About Zimbabwe Honeymoon Safaris

Answered by Anthony Ham

Why is Zimbabwe a good choice for a honeymoon holiday?

“Zimbabwe is an excellent choice for a honeymoon holiday for many reasons. First among these is its winning combination of beautiful national parks and the country’s incredible variety of wildlife. These things are important of any safari, not just a honeymoon safari. But you’ll want to get the basics right and enjoy a fantastic safari as a starting point. Also important when it comes to a Zimbabwe honeymoon safari are the country’s experienced and professional safari operators. Many such operators, especially those at the luxury end of the market, have extensive experience in combining a safari with those special touches that are so essential on a honeymoon. Most accommodation has dedicated safari rooms or tents for honeymooning couples, and the service you can expect will be well suited to your needs, with discrete service, private dinners and other tailored activities. For the most part, Zimbabwe receives far fewer visitors than other safari destinations, meaning less-busy safari trails and possibly a more intimate safari experience.”


Are there recommended activities for a Zimbabwe honeymoon safari?

“You’ve chosen to go on safari for your honeymoon, which means watching wildlife is almost certainly high on your list of desired experiences. Just because you’re on your honeymoon doesn’t mean that your passion to see a lion or an elephant or whatever animal it is you’re interested in has lessened. How you see those animals may be something you wish to consider. For example, you may want to organize a private safari, where you’ll have the guide and vehicle or vehicles just for you. Other activities might include private meals, such as exclusive dinners or bush breakfasts away from other guests. Some safari packages and accommodation also offer activities such as hot-air ballooning, walking safaris and more. Many accommodation choices have spa or massage centers, and most of these centers have packages for honeymooning couples. Remember, too, to be very clear about what you’re looking for when approaching a safari tour operator, because not everyone has the same ideas when it comes to what is and what isn’t romantic!”


What are the most romantic places for a Zimbabwe honeymoon safari?

“How you answer this question will vary from one person to the next. For some people, it will be the quality of the safari and the accommodation that will determine where you go in search of romance. For others, it might be the remoteness of the experience that is key. Whatever you have in mind, you’re in luck because Zimbabwe has somewhere to suit just about any honeymoon safari imaginable. Victoria Falls is one of Africa’s most popular attractions, and it has both advantages and disadvantages as part of your Zimbabwe honeymoon safari. On the plus side, it has an extraordinary array of choices when it comes to accommodation and activities, and the operators of tours have lots of experience in organizing honeymoons. On the negative side, it can get crowded and can be the opposite of a quiet and intimate honeymoon experience. When it comes to wildlife safaris, Hwange, Mana Pools, Matusadona and Gonarezhou National Parks are all outstanding. This applies both as safari destinations and as places with numerous high-end accommodation, which are well suited to a memorable honeymoon experience.”


Can we extend our Zimbabwe honeymoon safari with a beach holiday?

“Yes, this should be possible, but there are a number of things to consider. For a start, Zimbabwe is, of course, an entirely landlocked country, so any beach experience would need to take place in a neighboring country (e.g., Mozambique, South Africa or even Malawi with its lake beaches). It is therefore important that any safari operator you choose has significant cross-border or international experience. Another consideration is safety, particularly in relation to visiting the beautiful beaches of northern Mozambique. At the time of writing, most government advisories advise against travel to northern Mozambique because of ongoing conflict in the region. Before making any plans, make sure that you check the current situation carefully in any places you’d like to visit.”


Are there special honeymoon safari packages available in Zimbabwe?

“You’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing honeymoon safari packages for your trip to Zimbabwe. As with any safari, it pays to ask around and make inquiries with as many tour operators as possible. If some that you contact can’t offer dedicated honeymoon safaris, there will be plenty of others who will. As we’ve said before, it’s important that you are very clear about what you would like your holiday to involve, because not everyone has the same idea when it comes to a romantic honeymoon experience. Those with the most experience, and with the most options in terms of accommodation, itineraries and activities, will almost certainly be those at the luxury end of the market. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find budget honeymoon safaris in Zimbabwe. It does mean, however, that your choice is likely to be a little more limited in the budget price category.”


What kind of accommodation can I expect on a honeymoon in Zimbabwe?

“Many mid-range and almost all luxury or top-end accommodation choices will have at least one dedicated honeymoon suite or safari tent. These are usually a little removed from the rest of the accommodation, at least when it comes to tented camps. These may include his and hers accessories, outdoor bathtubs with views of the surrounding countryside, and an area for more private dining, also often with a beautiful sunset view. In many places, it’s not just about where you’ll sleep, but as much about the service. The best places will offer personalized, discreet and professional service, whereby dedicated staff will be ready to anticipate your every need, while ensuring that you have all the privacy you could wish for. Don’t be embarrassed to ask about the service side of things, and then compare what each operator and their chosen accommodation has to offer.”


Will we have enough alone time on a honeymoon safari in Zimbabwe?

“The simple answer is that you will have as much time alone while on your honeymoon safari as you are willing or able to pay for. One option, and it’s usually the most expensive one, is to organize a private safari. That means that you should have your own private vehicles for transfers and for game drives, as well as your very own guide for you alone. You can also arrange for private activities, such as private dinners or breakfasts. On this kind of a trip, you will indeed have a lot of time alone. If you’re on a group safari, you’ll be sharing a game-drive vehicle or a transfer vehicle, as well as a guide, but this can also be a wonderful way to enjoy the company of other travelers. Other activities, such as meals, can be enjoyed in more privacy, even on a group safari. When it comes to accommodation, your room or tent may be in a more private or secluded spot, away from the other rooms or tents. This is very often the case in tented camps, less so in lodges.”


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Jessica Negrisoli  –  
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One of the most beautiful experience I ever had

Like I just said, this was one of the most beautiful experience I had. Tongesai took care of our safari from the beginning to the end. We spent 3 days at Sable Sands in Hwange National Park. Everyone at Sable Sands is super kind, the...

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Colette *****  –  
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I really have loved this country. Each part has its interests and beauty. I had the chance to see many lions and cheetahs as well as other animals like elephants, zebras, and a lot of birds on Zambezi river where i canoed 4 days. Matopos...

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Diane Marsh  –  
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