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Kenya Honeymoon Safaris

4.6/5  –  1,254 Kenya Reviews

Kenya is a country of contrasts. It offers something for most travelers, including a lot of choice for honeymooners. The mosaic of wildlife-rich savannahs, white sandy beaches, fairy forests, scenic lakes and ragged mountaintops makes for an endlessly rewarding travel destination. If you’ve dreamed of an African safari, why not share it with your significant other to celebrate your life together? Whether you are looking for a full-on safari in Kenya’s world-famous parks, or you just want a few days out in the bush as an add-on to a conventional beach holiday, there are honeymoon packages to make everybody’s dreams come true

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1-20 of 677 honeymoon safaris to Kenya

6 Questions About Kenya Honeymoon Safaris


6 Questions About Kenya Honeymoon Safaris

Answered by Ariadne van Zandbergen

Why is Kenya a good choice for a honeymoon trip?

“Kenya is the perfect destination for an action-packed honeymoon. If you’re looking for a holiday of a lifetime with the person you love, a Kenyan safari might just strike the right balance between romance and adventure. Kenya offers a wealth of activities in beautiful surroundings. You can mix and match spending time in bucket-list parks, such as the Masai Mara National Reserve, with moments in unspoiled wilderness, and some relaxation on the coast. Kenya’s established safari industry is well-equipped to make a honeymoon very special. There are many small lodges and boutique hotels offering personable but unobtrusive service. As newlyweds you can expect a few touches that make your stay extra memorable. All the details aside, what could be more enchanting than being in nature with the one you love? ”


Are there recommended activities for a honeymoon in Kenya?

“While a Kenyan safari is mostly about vehicle-based wildlife viewing, you might want to mix it up a bit for variety. Early morning and afternoon game drives are the standard activities on a Kenyan safari, and the most productive way to see lots of animals. For a different experience, go on a walking safari. Your guide will show you all the small details that are easily overlooked on game drives. It’s lovely to stretch the legs, and you won’t soon forget seeing large animals on foot. You’ll feel in touch with nature on a horseback safari, but adrenaline junkies might prefer quad biking. A hot-air-balloon safari is a treat for a honeymoon. You’ll glide above the animals on the open plains at sunrise and this is followed up with a champagne breakfast in the bush. ”


What are the most romantic places for a honeymoon safari in Kenya?

“The key to a successful honeymoon safari is to get away from the crowds. The private conservancies offer a holistic safari experience, with emphasis on quality time in a serene environment as opposed to ticking off the Big Five. Several lodges here offer some of the most spectacular views in Kenya. Kenya is a popular honeymoon destination, for good reason. The African bush, with its raw beauty, is an alluring environment for outdoorsy newlyweds. Intimacy and privacy are essential components of a romantic holiday. Another winner for an enchanting safari is Meru National Park. This Big Five destination is vastly underrated and the lack of big hotels keeps it congestion-free. The location of Elsa’s Kopje, a lodge carved in a hill overlooking the park, is one of the most memorable ones in the country, and I can’t think of a more romantic place than its stone-hewn infinity pools. Then there is the world-famous Masa Mara NR. The wildlife viewing is unparalleled, but it is harder to avoid the crowds here. Budget permitting, stay in the Mara North Conservancy for an exclusive experience of a lifetime while empowering the local Maasai communities. ”


Can we extend our trip with some time on the beach?

“It is easy to extend your Kenya honeymoon safari with a beach getaway. Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, is one of Africa’s main transport hubs, so you can look at a beach add-on within Kenya or elsewhere in the region. There are many resorts and boutique hotels to choose from on Kenya’s beautiful coastline. Watamu Marine Park, with its coral gardens and picture-perfect bays, is the ideal setting for a beach extension. You won’t get bored here. Aside from all the usual water activities, day trips to Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve, the overgrown Gedi Ruins and Kipepeo Butterfly Project are all highly recommended. For true island bliss, you can also fly to Zanzibar, in neighboring Tanzania, or to a more remote Indian Ocean island destination such as Seychelles or Mauritius. ”


Are there special honeymoon safari packages in Kenya?

“There are many honeymoon packages available in Kenya. Operators use their knowledge of the lodges and parks to put together something truly magical for newlyweds. Every lodge is chosen carefully. It might have an amazing view, a honeymoon suite, an infinity pool, or a private plunge pool. The lodges will be informed that you are on honeymoon, and they’ll do their bit as well. You might get a breakfast on your deck or a candlelit dinner by the pool. Or you might get a surprise spa treatment for two. Most honeymoon packages will combine a safari with some relaxation on the coast. After the adventures of a safari, you’ll appreciate a sleep-in with the sound of the waves crashing, and swimming together in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. No doubt you’ll also enjoy strolling hand in hand on endless beaches and sailing in a traditional dhow at sunset.”


Will we get enough alone time on a honeymoon trip?

“Even though a Kenyan safari is quite an active holiday, you should definitely get some alone time on a honeymoon. To secure quality time alone with your partner, I recommend booking a private safari as opposed to a group safari. You’ll have more flexibility on a private trip too. While most tours tend to be action packed, there is nothing stopping you from taking a morning or afternoon off to spend time together at the lodge. Maybe have a sleep-in and skip the early morning game drive. The lodges are often in magnificent locations, perhaps overlooking a river or a waterhole. And while the normal routine is to go out on a drive to look for animals, you can sometimes see a lot from the lodge’s main deck, a hide, or even your private balcony. ”


Kenya Reviews

4.6/5 1254 Reviews
Brian Jackman  –  
United Kingdom UK

Brian is an award winning travel writer, author of safari books and regular contributor to magazines such as BBC Wildlife and Travel Africa.

Africa for Beginners

Kenya is so easy to get to – just eight hours away by air from London. Fly overnight and you can be in the bush in good time for lunch. Even before you arrive in Nairobi you can see giraffes wandering under the flight path in the city’s...

Full Review

Nomita M.B.  –  
Switzerland CH
Reviewed: Dec 5, 2023
Kenya is an absolute dream come true!

Kenya is an absolute dream come true! Everyone should try to go on safari in the Masai Mara, it was a once in a lifetime trip. I was so impressed with the variety of wildlife we were able to see in only 3 full days. It was clear we were not...

Full Review

Duniel Ortuno  –  
Chile CL
Reviewed: Dec 4, 2023

With my friends we had an excellent experience on the Safari in Masai Mara. It was a real adventure full of good vibes. I thank Silas very much for all his generous guidance, help and orientation, he was an excellent tour guide for us....

Full Review

Laura Henderson  –  
Qatar QA
Reviewed: Dec 4, 2023
Absolutely incredible.

Daniel took us to hells gate and he was the most amazing tour guide - thank you so so much for everything you did! We had such an amazing 5 days and nothing in life will top the experience that we had with this tour guide company, thank...

Full Review

Sachin Dharwatkar  –  
India IN
Reviewed: Dec 4, 2023
Kenyan hospitality stands out and shows at every step!

The Masai Mara experience is just fantastic; the sweeping plains and their expanse, the vast herd of animals and their diversity adds to the quality of the game viewing and the far reaching views make spotting easy. Our highlights were...

Full Review

France FR
Reviewed: Dec 2, 2023
Kenya is a magic country

Masai Mara,Amboseli and Diani Beach were our adventure plans. Amazing experience with Marascarface Travel Operator. Safari package with Private luxury as an option. Thanks a lot for all team: Sharon,Valerie and especially Jacktone. The...

Full Review