Safari Online CC (in the following called the Tour Operator) is acting as a intermediary / agent for individual transport services and other individual tourist services or third-party-organized travel services, and is at all times committed to act with great care to the interest of the client. The following conditions apply exclusively to the intermediation of third-party transport services and other third-party tourist services.

1. Conclusion of Tour Contract
By written order of reservation, the client is making a binding proposition of conclusion of a tour contract to the Tour Operator. The contract is closed through the acceptance by the Tour Operator.

2. Deposit Payment
Upon written reservation, a deposit of 30% per person is payable.

3. Outstanding Balance
The payment of the outstanding balance shall be transferred to the Tour Operator in such time that the total cost will be credited to the Tour Operator’s account at least 8 weeks prior to the date of travel. It has to be observed that transfers from one account to another may take up to 7 days! Without prior payment for the tour being made, rendering of the tour service may be denied.
The documents will be sent to the client after receipt of his payment by the Tour Operator.

4. Services
The extent of the contractual services arises from the service description of the relevant Tour Operator, from his General Tour Conditions as well as from the details in the tour confirmation referring to these. This also applies accordingly to the case, where Safari Online is the intermediary of individual services.

Additional agreements altering the extent and/or content of the contractual services require the written confirmation by Safari Online. Possible changes of catalogue details by the Tour Operator, of brochure details of individual service providers or of binding tour propositions from Safari Online shall be communicated to the traveller before conclusion of contract, as soon as Safari Online has gained knowledge of those.

5. Changes in Services and Prices
Changes and deviations of individual tour services from the content of the agreed Tour Contract, which may become necessary after conclusion of contract, and which have not been caused by the Tour Operator against good faith, are possible as long as those changes and deviations are not considerable and do not affect the overall design of the booked tour.

Any liability claims remain unprejudiced, provided that the changed services have defects. The Tour Operator undertakes to notify the client without delay of any changes or deviations in services. The Tour Operator is entitled under certain circumstances to reserve a subsequent change
in the tour price, provided that there are more than 4 months in between the tour confirmation and the contractually foreseen start of the tour. In the event of a subsequent change of the tour price, the Tour Operator must inform the client not later than 3 weeks prior to the start of the tour. No price increases after this point, are allowed.

6. Partial or Full Cancellation of the Tour Contract by the Client
The client may cancel the contract at any time before the start of the tour, the receipt of the declaration of cancellation at the Tour Operator being definitive.

For reasons of having proof, the client is advised to declare the cancellation in writing. If not indicated otherwise in the travel description, the following cancellation costs shall apply:

1. Cancellation up to 62 days prior to start of tour 20 % of the tour price
2. Cancellation up to 31 days prior to start of tour 50% of the tour price
3. Cancellation 30 (thirty) days or less prior to the date 95% of the tour price
4. In the event of later cancellation or no-show 100 % of the tour price

Please note that our cancellation terms are always the same as the lodges and hotels we represent. These often differ from ours and we will then take the lodges terms and conditions. The above Terms are some of strictest from lodges. We match our cancellation policy to those of the specific lodges in your proposal.

7. Delivery
Tour vouchers and documents will be sent via email. If the client applies for delivery by ordinary mail, a postage and processing fee of 25.00 Euro per booking (not per person) is levied.

8. Insurance
Our particular recommendation is: First getting insurance, then traveling. We recommend taking out travel insurances for luggage, accident, personal liability and health.

9. Liability of Safari Online as Intermediary
Details on intermediated transport or intermediated tourist services are based exclusively on the details provided to us by the responsible service providers, they do not constitute an own commitment by Safari Online towards the tour participant.
For the intermediated services we shall not be liable for the rendering of services by the third-party service provider, but only for the orderly intermediation of the tour service and for the orderly transmission of the service provider’s information to the participant.

Any claim for damages against the Tour Operator is to such an extent limited or excluded as, based on legal regulations applicable for services to be rendered by a service provider, a claim for damages against the service provider may only be submitted under certain circumstances or limitations, or is excluded under certain circumstances.

10. Duty to Cooperate
In the event of defaults, the client has the duty to cooperate within the legal regulations, and to prevent or minimize any possible damages. The client in particular has the duty to immediately notify the local tour guide of his complaints.

11. Passports and Visas
The traveler is solely responsible for complying with visa and entry regulations. We are not responsible for obtaining a visa; the client can obtain information on visa requirements and entry regulations at the embassy or consulate in charge. Visas can also be obtained through visa agencies.

12. Health Regulations
Please also observe that some areas in Southern Africa are malaria risk areas. Please check with your general practitioner of pharmacist if you have to take malaria prevention medication.

It is advisable to start malaria prevention treatment before traveling. Please consult with your doctor. If you are suffering from an infectious disease, you have to disclose this when applying with us.

13. Wild Animals
Please be advised that on this safari you might get into close contact with animals. Although attacks by wild animals are rare, no safari in Africa’s wilderness can guarantee that such attack might not occur. The company or its employees or agents cannot be held liable for any injuries or incidents whatsoever occurring during the safari.

14. Luggage
For safety and space reasons, on air transfers in small aircraft there is a strict weight limit of maximum 20 kg per person in soft bags. This maximum weight includes camera equipment and hand luggage. In the event of guest bringing excess weight without prior notice, this may lead to the luggage arriving delayed, as it will be flown into the camps at a later stage, at high additional costs for the guests. If the guests know in advance that they will be bringing excess weight, we can reserve an additional seat for the bags in the small aircraft at additional costs.

15. Ineffectiveness of single clauses
In the event of some single clauses of the Tour Contract being ineffective, this shall not lead to the entire Travel Contract becoming ineffective.

16. Travel Insurance

Safari Online highly recommends the purchase of travel insurance to safeguard your travel plans. A short-term traveler’s insurance policy covering baggage, accident/life and trip cancellation is a necessity for travelers to Africa. Insurance must be purchased within 14 days of confirmation of your travel reservation.

Safari Online urges to fully assess your needs and take out additional Insurance cover, over and above the insurance offered free and standard for international travel by various credit card companies. Please contact your credit card company directly to obtain the specific details of their complimentary cover.


  • All corporate and/or tour info is provided by Safari Online, not SafariBookings
  • The tours offered by Safari Online are subject to their terms & conditions