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2-Day Tsavo East Safari Tours

Tsavo East National Park is one of the best parks in Kenya, and it’s unlike anywhere else in East Africa. It has a reputation for big herds of elephant (often caked in the red Tsavo dust), big cats (including maneless male lions) and wild backcountry that’s fun to explore away from the crowds. Because of its proximity to the Kenyan coast, Tsavo East is a convenient park if you’re looking to combine a wildlife safari with some time spent at the beach. And it has excellent accommodation while you’re here. With only 2 days to enjoy the park, you’ll need to plan your visit carefully. But it’s still a fantastic place to visit no matter how little time you have.

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5 Questions About 2-Day Tsavo East Safaris


5 Questions About 2-Day Tsavo East Safaris

Answered by Anthony Ham

Is 2 days enough time for a Tsavo East National Park trip?

“The short answer to this question is no, 2 days is not enough time for the best kind of Tsavo East safari. This is especially true when you consider that a 2-day safari only includes 1 night: you travel here on day 1, and you leave on day 2. Even if you arrive early and leave late, it’s not much time to enjoy this spectacular place. If you can add an extra day, do so. That said, 2 days here is better than no days at all. If I had the choice between 2 days on safari here and 2 days in many other places, I would choose Tsavo East most times. Assuming that you arrive no later than the middle of day 1 and leave in the afternoon of day 2, you should have time for two guided game drives. On two game drives, you can see plenty. Although you won’t be able to explore the whole park, you’ll get to experience the best of it and see lots of animals as you go.”


Is it better to fly or go overland to Tsavo East for a 2-day safari?

“If you’re coming from Nairobi, you should definitely fly into one of the park’s airstrips from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to begin your 2-day Tsavo East safari. This will be significantly more expensive than traveling by road, but it maximizes the amount of time you can spend in the park. If you travel by road, you’ll spend most of the first day of your safari (both days if you come back the same way) in the car. Bear in mind it’s not the prettiest of roads, the traffic can be awful, and it’s time that would be much better spent in the park itself. If, on the other hand, you begin day 1 in Mombasa, traveling by road may be possible, although you’ll still be spending hours on the road on each day of your safari. It will be much quicker to travel by air, which is certainly worth considering if you’re coming from anywhere else along the coast (or elsewhere in Kenya). If you’re arriving by air, you will, of course, need a vehicle for getting around the park. That’s something your tour operator will organize.”


What are the accommodation options on a 2-day safari in Tsavo East?

“Tsavo East has a good range of accommodation, with most of the choices either inside the park or close to Voi Gate in the park’s west. There is a small number of budget campsites and cheaper lodges or camps, but budget travelers in general have less choice than you’ll have in other price categories. There are mid-range and top-end lodges and tented camps inside the national park, as well as a number of places (mostly lodges) lined up in a row just outside the western gate. The options outside the gate look out across the boundary fence and into the park, so at times it feels like you’re in the park itself. Staying in a tented camp deep inside the park is perhaps the most romantic choice. Only here can you lie in bed at night and listen to lions roaring not far away.”


How can I combine Tsavo East with a beach holiday?

“Visiting Tsavo East and spending time at the beach is a superb way to experience two of Kenya’s most appealing natural attractions. Tsavo East is the closest of Kenya’s major parks along the southern safari circuit to the country’s Indian Ocean coastline, and that makes it an ideal choice for combining the two. In fact, if travelers on holiday along the coast choose to visit just one park, it’s usually Tsavo East. Some even visit on a day trip from the coast, but that’s definitely rushing things. Apart from anything else, the popularity of this combination means that safari tour operators have lots of experience in making arrangements. To connect Tsavo East with the beach of your choice, talk with an operator about how best to make it work. Given that you only have 2 days in Tsavo East, you’ll almost certainly want to fly between the park and an airstrip near the beach.”


How much does a 2-day trip in Tsavo East cost?

“You can expect the cheapest 2-day Tsavo East camping safari to start at around US$150 per person per day. For a high-end luxury experience, you’re likely to pay at least US$350 per person per day, or even more. Park fees (US$52/35 per adult/child per day) will make up a significant part of the cost. And remember that the per-day cost is higher here than for a longer safari because you have to include the cost of getting here in your calculations for each day. One reason why prices vary so much is accommodation. You will, of course, pay much less to camp in a basic campsite than you will to stay in a luxury lodge. You also need to decide on whether you want a private safari (where you get your own guide, driver and vehicle) or a group safari (where the costs of these are shared). If you’re on a group safari, small-group tours generally cost more as well. There is also a difference between prices in the high season (December to March and July to October) and what you’ll pay during the rest of the year.”


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Yolanda Moerkens  –  
Netherlands NL
Reviewed: Oct 19, 2023

Great place to go on safari when you stay at the coast. It's only a few hours by car and here you can see so many elephants in a red color. Not red cause of the skin but red cause of the red soil. Nice landscap with plains and bush and very...

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Bruno Vidal de Souza  –  
Germany DE
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This park is quite large, so it is harder to find things. It is perfect for a calm and real safari experience! You are really in contact with nature and it is more difficult to run across many cars and tourists in the same place. The...

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rgreen_se  –  
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