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Climate Chart Budongo Forest

Climate Chart Budongo Forest – 728-1,145m / 2,388-3,757ft

* Averages based on 50 years of monthly climate data, taken from 1km² (0.39mi²) interpolated climate surfaces.
© chart & park data: SafariBookings. © climate grid data: WorldClim project. All rights reserved.

Due to its closeness to the equator, Budongo Forest has a hot, tropical climate that remains consistent throughout the year. Temperatures range from 32°C/90°F during the day to a much cooler 17°C/63°F at night. The area experiences a Wet season from April to October, with a short break during June and July when rains are less frequent. There is little rainfall during the Dry season (December to February). Most often, rain comes as heavy storms during the Wet season.

Dry season December to February

  • December, January & February – Skies are clear and full of sunshine, and the highest temperatures (32°C/90°F during the day, cooling down at night to 17°C/63°F) of the year are experienced at this time. It is a 'dry heat', making temperatures less overbearing.

Wet season March to November

  • March, April & May – Rainfall increases from March onwards, reaching a peak in April. Temperatures range from about 30°C/86°F during the day to 18°C/64°F at night. Forest trails might be slippery and hard to navigate.
  • June & July – There is a bit of a drier spell in the Wet season, and rains decrease. Daytime temperatures are around 29°C/84°F.
  • August, September, October & November – The rain returns during this time. It doesn't rain every day, but when it does, it tends to be torrential storms. Rainfall reaches its peak in October and slows by November. Forest trails might become slippery and difficult to use.

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