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Untamed, beautiful scenery and the place to be to spot the desert elephant and other desert adapted animals like rhino, lions, giraf and many more. Here you can visit the nomadic Himba.

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Kaokoland is not so much a wildlife destination even we met some wild giraffes, zebras (but there are everywhere in Namibia) and some other wild animals. We unfortunately missed the wild elephants but they are not so hard to see apparently. Kaokoland is more for scenery-drive. Lanscapes there are wonderful (Warmquelle, Epupa falls especially), the place is not crowed with tourists at all, it needs even some organisation to get there, get fuel, food and water because it is not easy to have some after.
But it is definitely an experience I recommend. If you have the change to organize a visit to the Himba people, it is great but just be careful when you choose your tour, because some guides really don't care about the people and trade alcohol or cigarettes with them (instead of sugar, tea or other food products).
We visited Kaokoland by our own with a Condor Toyota and camping tents. It was just great this way.
If you are looking for a wildlife destination, then Etosha is probably better, but for scenery, only Namib desert (Sossusvlei and Deathvlei) can match with Kaokoland!!

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Koakoland, what more can be said about this beautiful piece of earth...

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This was amazing , we visited the Himba people here and saw the Epupa falls on the Angola border.

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Fantastic cultural experience visiting the Himba people, desert elephant and black rhino are very rewarding if you can find them.

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