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We could see and enjoy the vegetation and saw Elephants and Girrafes

Superb wilderness experience
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This was my 5th visit to Mkomazi, so you can see how much I love the place! We stayed once in the public camp site where there are clean toilets, showers and kitchen/common room all with running water, and other times in special camp sites with no facilities but truly wild, and usually we've been the only visitors in the park. Each time there is something different - this time we saw about 1000 open-billed storks gathered at a watering hole and lots of birds of prey. Other times the specialty has been gerenuk, or a huge herd of eland, swarming quelea birds, lesser kudu, elephants playing at Dindira Dam or even an all-night chorus of frogs. You have to be patient and not expect to see large numbers of animals waiting for you. Your patience will be rewarded by unexpected delights. I highly recommend spending 2 or 3 nights in this beautiful park.

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This is another park that's great but not where you want to start. There are some really special mammals here, but not tons of them. Birding is really good in the Northern Hemisphere winter, less so when the migrants are gone. Almost no tourists go here, so the staff are particularly friendly and the camping area is really comfortable. I don't think there are any active lodges nearby, but we only camped, so I'm not sure.

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If you intobirds this is good one or just a nature lover and walking! Stayed at Babu's place which has great food and open showers and loo's. Place was improving but dont expect 3-4 star service.

A different experience, away from the busy parks
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I am living close to Mkomazi national park
I saw almost all the animal species there.
The experiences are very varying, sometimes you see a lot of animals, another time hardly any. All times many birds are around.
The park is not well known so you are the only one but also the animals are more shy.
Park rangers are not well experienced yet, a guide from external is at least as good.
In the wet season the park is difficult accessible.
In the dry season it has less animals since there is not much water.

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