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Relax on pristine beaches
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Sumbu National Park hugs the shores of Lake Tanganyika, at Zambia’s northernmost tip, taking in cliffs, beaches and sheltered bays, as well as hills and valleys in the interior.

It isn’t a great place for seeing big game – there are antelope, buffalo, zebra and occasionally lions and elephants here, but a visit could easily pass without seeing anything much, although puku and warthog sometimes visit the beaches.

This is more of a place to relax in on the beach (there are two lodges here, one inside, and one just outside the park) or to indulge in a spot of angling. Sumbu is popular with fishermen, and Nile perch, tigerfish and lake salmon can all be caught here.
Swimming is probably best avoided though, the lake is stuffed full of monstrous Nile crocodiles!

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