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Breakfast in the Campsite( Mwandi View-CHOBE NP)

Breakfast in the Campsite( Mwandi View-CHOBE NP)

Kalahari Marsh Safari Holidays

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Small & medium group tours (Mid-range)
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Breakfast in the Campsite( Mwandi View-CHOBE NP)

Breakfast in the Campsite( Mwandi View-CHOBE NP)

Kalahari Marsh Safari Holidays offers game drives, traditional canoe, boat cruises, guided bush walks, cultural tours and transfers. We cater safari itineraries for both private safaris, couples, families, friends, solo travelers and small and large group safaris. If you wish to create your own personalized African Safari tour for particular interest groups, corporate tours, private or family groups we are more than willing to accommodate your needs.


Simply amazing

I arrived in Africa at a difficult moment (beginning of the corona virus pandemic) but Lucky has been here for me and helped me to have a beautiful experience in Botswana. Thanks to him I went to the north and was able to visit the delta and some parks! It has been a wonderful experience and he made sure to help me respect my budget and see everything I wanted to see. Unfortunately I didn’t had enough time to spend but I know I will come back and go on other tours with lucky and his team because it’s the only way to get a truly authentic experience with locals and respecting the environnement. Thanks!!!

It was an amazing experience. Great peeps!

Fantastic company to book your safari or other adventure through. Great prices. Everything from our transportation, safari and lodge were perfect. Worth every penny !


We had a good time with Kalahari Marsh on our day trip in Moremi, they provided good food, great guide. Thanks a lot to the team.

It ended in a court case

I had a few days of meetings in Botswana and booked two Safaris with Lucky, one before the meetings and one after. In the first Safari (4 days) everything was ok. Moremi of course is a wonderfull place. The guide and the chef did a great job - all of them are freelancer. After the second safari (see further down), I am not sure they will work with Lucky again.
A much worse experience was the second safari (it should have been 7 days CKGR and Nxai Pans). Lucky didn‘t do any advance preparation for the trip like buying food or booking accomadation in the parks. When the safari started he was not in Maun, but in Gabarone, an unexpected meeting he said.
He sent the guide to pick me up, but didn‘t provide him with money for food, disel or accomodation. With the help of a friend of Lucky we could buy the most necessary things. Even I cashed in some money I had on me. Lucky said he would join us after two days and bring the required supplies. He didn‘t. He only showed up after three days, probably when he realized, that our situation wasn‘t too good: we were in CKGR, no food left and not sure we had enough disel to make it back to the gate, where we could have a phone call for support.
So he briefly came to our camp with more supplies, appologized, said from now on everything would work fine. It didn‘t. When we went over to Nxai Pans we realized: he did not pay park entrance nor accomadation for us - eventhough before hand he had repeatedly confirm that he did...
Before more people had to cash in money for something Luckey had been paid for by me in advance we headed back to Maun, two days early. Back in Maun we waited on Lucky. And he kept on with the scheme of telling that he would be there and then not showing up. He finally showed up when I set an ultimatum and threatened with the police. We then agreed on the money he had to refund me for the two days of safari that didn’t happen and I also set the condition that he would pay the guide and chef for their work in order for me to consider the thing to be ok. He than set off, saying he would go to the bank to get the money - only to hide somewhere and play on time until I had my flight back home.
Until now, he did not pay the refund to me nor did he pay the money he owns the guide and the chef for their work. And I must say both of them did a great job, doing their best for me to have at least some safari!
Given the fact that Lucky owes money to all of us, the guide went to court with the case. We are waiting.
After this I wouldn’t trust Lucky. He studied communication and he is good at telling stories. I assume he run into financial problems. This should not happen, he should not have used the money I paid to him for something else than my safari. But even if so, once it happened, he should not tell stories as he did. Very disappointing.
If you still book with Lucky, do not pay more than 1/3 of the money in advance, like this you make sure there’s money left for your trip.

The best value for money safari in Botswana

Lucky and his team gave us an amazing experience, from the booking of the Moremi Safari until the end. They were professional (arrived on time, clear explanations), friendly, very knowledgable about wildlife and trying their best for us to see a wide variety of animals, always solution oriented and hard-workers (we left at 4:30 in the morning and came back at 7pm!). I highly recommend organizing a tour with Lucky for anybody who is looking for an amazing and authentic adventure.
Also the next day we decided to choose his service again to visit the Delta Okavango during sunset and have a very interesting visit in a small typical village near Maun. My only regret is to not have chosen to sleep in the Delta as we didn't have enough time;


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