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African Big Cats Safaris

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African Big Cats has distinguished itself from the crowd for its commitment to excellent service and innovative itineraries. Our safaris are conducted with optimum care to provide our customers with a truly memorable experience. We strive to introduce you to the country, its culture, its people, as well as the wildlife. We have a closely knit team of professionals to guarantee your satisfaction.


A young and dynamic Tanzanian company who offers personalized tours.

From my first email sent to our last debriefing a few hours before leaving, communication was always great with African Big Cats. Lovoy our guide was nothing short of amazing. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in travelling to Tanzania. Their capacity to adapt was really helpful during pur 13 days trip!

Thank you guys,
David & Mama

Best luxury safari experience ever!

This was the best holiday we have ever been on and my only fear is that no future holidays can ever live up to it. We had the most fabulous time in Tanzania - from the pick up at Arusha, all the way to the drop off at Seronera Airstrip for our flight to Zanzibar.

Itinerary - The itinerary was so meticulously planned, ensuring we got the most out of our 5 day safari experience. Every time we told ourselves 'it can't get better than this', it did. We were lucky enough to see all the big 5 and so many more. Plenty of awesome photo opportunities... though I have to admit the photos really don't do it justice. It was so beautiful. Neither of us were particularly into bird watching but have somehow now turned into ornithologists. The experience has been truly life changing. We truly felt like we were in a David Attenborough documentary!

Accommodation -
The Melia Hotel in Arusha was amazing as were the incredible lodges that African Big Cats picked for us. Some of the lodges were better than 5* hotels we have stayed at on previous holidays. We were SO comfortable and yet so close to nature - so many wildebeests, impala and zebras... even lions, hippos and hyenas! The Masai warriors escorting us also had wonderful stories to share. The hotel staff were excellent.

Food - The food was fresh, nutritious and SO tasty. We were impressed by the variety that was available. The picnics were excellent... we even got to eat lunch with the black rhino (while sitting in our safari vehicle of course). One of the unexpected highlights was the garden tour at Kitela Lodge which sources the fresh fruit and veg used in its kitchen as well as the kitchens at the other Tanganyika Wilderness Camps sites.

Moses - Saved the best to the last. We honestly cannot praise Moses enough. He's professional, friendly and has SO MUCH knowledge, it is actually astonishing. How he spots birds (some of them flying high in the sky or hidden in bushes) and animals whilst driving expertly and dodging potholes is genuinely a marvel. We felt entirely safe with him at the helm. Like many surrounding cars from other providers, our high spec and well equipped safari vehicle suffered a small hiccup due to the dusty and bumpy roads, but Moses handled the situation like a pro. He was calm under pressure and made sure we were in safe hands at all times. His timekeeping and organisation skills were on point. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide than Moses!

Everything from start to finish was excellent. It is clear that African Big Cats work hard to keep their standards high. Emanuel (owner of ABCS) made sure he came to see us on Day 1 and scheduled a telephone conversation with us on the final day to gather feedback on our trip. We felt this was very professional and would not hesitate to recommend this fabulous company to our friends and family. Indeed when we return to Tanzania in the future, we would love to go on another adventure with them!

A very professional and fun climb

Weare a group of 3 that climbed Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho route Sept 4-11, 2023.

First of all, the reason that we chose African Big Cats is that they had very mature answers to all of our questions, especially those related to safety. The team seemed very capable and like they had dealt with emergency situations before. Second, they included sleeping bags, hiking poles, and a toilet tent. They also lent us bufs and some extra hiking socks for some of the dustier days.

I can't say enough kind words about our lead guide, Imran, and his team. Imran is a great leader and you can tell that his team trust him - they call him "commander" in an affectionate way. He made us feel comfortable the entire time. His team was extremely professional, but seem very fun-loving and like they enjoy themselves. Everything was always ready on time for us, and sometimes the porters, waiter and chef waited for us when we were way behind to have meals prepared for us.

Oh, and the food was UNBELIEVABLE. It doesn't make sense how our chef was able to produce some of these meals on a mountain with simple tools. Fried chicken and chips. Crepes, omelettes, African stews, a new soup from scratch every lunch and dinner. Amazing. I believe his name was Efersto if I'm remembering correctly!

Nelson was a highlight: always cheerful and helped us get through long days. He was our "waiter" but basically helped us with everything from providing water to wash up with, to serving food, to waking us up in the mornings. He will do well in any sort of customer service role, has a lot of charm.

My wife wasn't feeling well from altitude sickness on summit day and Imran was very compassionate and decisive in determining when and whether she should head back down. Two of our summit crew (Elias and Lucas) escorted her down quickly from the summit to reduce the symptoms. Mbongo helped me get down quickly to catch up with them while Imran and Yasiin stayed back with our third to get us all down safely.

The only criticism I could offer is that for long days (our pace was pretty slow), maybe having some snacks on hand or telling clients to bring extra snacks on those days would have been a nice touch. Not a big deal, but would have given us the extra energy we needed to finish long days sooner.

One recommendation for people climbing: a fleece sleeping bag liner makes a huge difference. Sleeping conditions are cold from day 2 to 7, and the liner made all the difference in keeping us warm. Also, consider summiting during the day (ask your lead guide) if you don't care about sunrises: it's 20C warmer and you'll have the summit all to yourself when you get there.

End to end, African Big Cats and Imran (our lead guide) made us very confident we would make it to the top, which we did successfully. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a capable team to climb Kili.

More than we could have expected

Our safari was truly incredible! Our guide was amazing and his knowledge and expertise of African wildlife and the animals was incredible. The lodges were truly stunning and better than we can imagined. Overall it was a life changing trip

A Magical Family Safari Adventure with African Big Cats in Tanzania!

We recently had the privilege of embarking on a family safari adventure with African Big Cats in Tanzania, and it was an experience that exceeded all our expectations in every possible way! From the moment we landed in this stunning country, to the final farewell, every aspect of our journey was expertly crafted to ensure our family had an unforgettable and magical experience.
Impeccable Service: The African Big Cats team truly knows how to make you feel special. From the warm welcome at the airport by our knowledgeable guide Lordie, to the attentive and friendly staff at our camps, every interaction was filled with genuine care and enthusiasm. Lordie’s passion for the wildlife and deep knowledge of the region added an incredible dimension to our safari.
Spectacular Wildlife Encounters: Tanzania's Ngorongoro Crater , Lake Manyara Serengeti and Tarangire National Parks are renowned for their abundant wildlife, and we were fortunate to witness the circle of life in action. Lions, elephants, giraffes, and countless other animals were seen up close, often going about their daily routines. The highlight was undoubtedly watching the Wildebeest annual migration – a memory we will cherish forever.
Comfortable Accommodations: Our accommodations were nothing short of luxurious. The tented camps arranged for by African Big Cats were comfortable, and spacious and provided all the amenities one could need in the wilderness. Falling asleep to the sounds of the African night was an experience in itself.
Educational and Engaging: Our African Big Cats guide Lordy made sure we were thoroughly engaged and educated throughout our trip. He shared fascinating facts about the animals and their behaviour, sparking our curiosity and leaving us all with a deeper appreciation for nature. Lordy’s pride in his country and its people was admirable and we left having learned so much from him about about their tenacity and resourcefulness.
Smooth Logistics: Every logistical detail was handled seamlessly, from our airport transfers to the safari vehicles' maintenance and safety. Lordy drove confidently and safely and we felt safe and well-cared for at all times.
Responsible Tourism: African Big Cats is dedicated to responsible tourism and conservation efforts. They respect the environment and wildlife and , and we were delighted to support their ethical approach to safari experiences.
In conclusion, our family safari with African Big Cats in Tanzania was an experience of a lifetime. We departed with hearts full of gratitude and memories that will stay with us forever. If you're considering a family safari, look no further – African Big Cats is the perfect choice for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Africa. Thank you, African Big Cats, for making our dream safari a reality! We can't wait to return.

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