Company Profile


Legal name: Tours By Locals Limited

Kiliholidays Tours and Safaris, a subsidiary of Tours By Locals Limited, is a reputable tour company headquartered in Tanzania. Officially recognized by the Ministry of Natural Resource and Tourism in Tanzania with Certificate of Incorporation of a Company No. 141317733, they've been facilitating authentic local tour experiences since 2004.

Their core mission is to connect travelers with the richness of Tanzania's culture and natural wonders. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, they ensure each client's needs are not just met, but exceeded, crafting safari adventures that linger in memory. Over the years, Kiliholidays has earned a sterling reputation, becoming a cornerstone of Tanzania's local tour industry.

Central to their success is the cultivation of enduring relationships with clients. By prioritizing personalized attention and fostering trust, they garner repeat business and referrals, reflecting the satisfaction of their past clients. Kiliholidays' dedication to showcasing Tanzania's beauty and fostering meaningful connections sets them apart as a premier tour operator in the region.


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