Company Profile

Mambo Gorilla Safaris Uganda mission is to inspire big dreams, big impact,and BIG CHANGE; because together WE CAN change the world.  our sister  projects LovingHearts Uganda  and Bunyonyi view resortWe are alleviating poverty through creatinge ducation opportunities for orphaned and needy children and youth,training and employment positions in the tourism industry, and economically empowering artisans and craft makers through fair trade development and sales.  

A enterprising global community that is engaging in eco ethicaltourism, trade, and training: Exploring, Enhancing, Educating,
Empowering, Excelling!

About our Tours:  If you are looking for a tour that is more than just viewing some of the world 's most amazing wildlife, powerful waterfalls, and breath taking scenery then we have the right tours for you because we offer you all of that and more! In addition we offer the best of eco-tourism, off the beaten treks, cultrual, and volunteer opportunities for both budget and luxury tourists, for both short travels and more long term travels and stays.  We also offer a very unique set of day tours, safaris and trekking experiences where you get to sponsor and travel with children and educators on boat trips, safaris, and trekking experiences.....which are by far are most beloved of tours! You will fall in love with more than just a country, landscape and wildlife: you will fall in love with the heart of the country: her beautiful people, her children from different tribes and languages who all dance to the same beat....the beat of love. You will find your self dancing with, laughing with, sharing with, a creating beautiful memories with the people of Uganda and East Africa!

Our Company Profile Explained:

Global: Mambo Gorilla Safaris Uganda, stretches its arms of Love around the globe. It is only together, the WE CAN be the change and love this world needs. We proudly work with our agents of change based aroundthe world. These agents of change are travel agents, parent volunteers, child sponsors, business investors, media designers,business personal, pen pals, prayer warriors, ect .Our agents of change are hopeful, creative, persevering, skilled,knowledgeable,compassionate and inspiring. They each have their unique talents,temperaments, and treasures to offer: together they create the Mambo Gorilla Safaris Uganda Team.

Social Enterprising:Mambo Gorilla Safaris Uganda is a hybrid business featuring for profit and non profit sectors. Driven by an
entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to better the world, Mambo Gorilla Safaris Uganda measures success not only by profits, but also by lives touched. It is not centred around making big bucks at all cost, rather it is centred around big dreams, big impact, big change. We are not doing change, we are being change.

Community: Local and Global communities work hand in hand and heart in heart to make everything possible. We believe that each person,weather they are from the slum or the palace, from the village or the presidential family, are valuable and an important piece of our success story.

Exploring: Come Explore with us through Mambo Gorilla Safaris Uganda Tours and Travel. Uganda is throbbing with life, teaming with nature, and is the true heartbeat of Africa. Our Tours and Travel Focus on eco tourism in Uganda, Zanibar and neighbouring East African Countries.

Enhancing: Enhance your life and the life of a child by coming and volunteering with us. Whether you are a college student looking for an internship, a business man or woman wanting to do something meaningful on your vacation or a backpacker looking for an adventure and the chance to interact with a local community, or a church group wanting to serve on a missions trip, Mambo gorilla Safaris  Uganda has the perfect volunteer opportunity for you.

Educating: When you visit Africa, you will hear the ancient drums still beating today, and if you listen closer you will hear Africa’s heartbeat. This is the heartbeat of Africa’s future. Lean in and listen and you will hear the children singing. Each of our business sections also gives back to charity through Loving Hearts Helping Hands, our pre and primary school. Investing in children’s education,empowering them to be dreamers, leaders, and heroes of Africa and the world.

Empowering: Through the creation and sales of our Loving Hearts Crafts Fair Trade products, we are empowering craft makers and artisan to share their beauty with the world while providing for their family needs.

Excelling: Our motto is in all we do strive for excellence!


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