Company Profile

Wilderness Horizon Safaris was built on our LOVE and great PASSION for a continent we call home (AFRICA) with the view of sharing it’s amazing and unique wonders: Amazing Wildlife, Beautiful Landscapes, Lovely Wild Rivers, Pristine Wilderness and Africa’s beautiful and diverse culture. Born in the African wilderness but still AMAZED by it every day, the African wilderness is amazing, beautiful, fascinating, inspiring, breathtaking and unforgettable. You are surrounded by beauty everywhere, defined by moments that leave you breathless, the  clock stops in the African wilderness, this is the world we are glad to share and experience with you, this is what we live for.  Our love and intimate relationship with Africa’s wildlife and people is the driving force in the creation of each and every safari/vacation we offer our clients. We are very passionate and love our work, wildlife, nature, Africa and travel. The passion and love for Africa, wildlife and travel was the core reason and inspiration for this company’s creation; it is the reason for our existence, it is what defines us, it is who we are.

Our safaris provide an authentic bush experience to remote and pristine areas of southern Africa with premier game viewing, our safaris create exciting, wonderful and unforgettable memories that will last with you forever, our safaris make you experience Africa at its wildest and our safaris create experiences our clients treasure forever. On safari with Wilderness Horizon Safaris, you explore & experience the thrills of Africa's unique wonders, our safaris guarantee an awesome bush experience/an adventure of a lifetime

Our itineraries are based on handpicked routes, bush camps, lodges and hotels to create private, tailor made safaris guaranteeing only the best and unforgettable African wilderness experience.  Our clients are independent travellers, families and groups of friends.

We offer: 
Wildlife safaris, Mobile safaris, Walking safaris, Photographic safaris, Birding safaris, Canoeing safaris, Fishing trips,  Cultural tours, Scenic tours, adventure activities, Private road transfers and car rental, Accommodation and Qualified guides 


Experience Africa, Explore, Adventure, Touch the horizon
A holiday with us is not just about seeing Africa:  You experience Africa; You Explore; You Adventure; You touch the Horizon (Living your dreams) 

We know Africa    
As an African proverb goes “the one who knows the path is the one who has been treading it” We just don’t know Africa, we live here, work here and travel here, we love wildlife, we love what we do, we are part of Africa, we are Africa. You are sure of a true African experience from the people who know and love Africa.    

Tailor-made experience
We customize your safari to suit your budget and interest. We are experts at designing customized African safaris which are tailored according to your interests, time frame, requirements and budget. With your input we will plan all the details and come up with your perfect dream African holiday.
Each safari with us promises beautiful scenery, premium game viewing, professional and excellent guides and outstanding personalized service, each safari with us promises an adventure of a lifetime.

Competitive prices
Our rates are very competitive; we are sure of offering you a quality African dream vacation at very competitive rates, our rates are affordable and save you money. You can save up to 20% with Wilderness Horizon Safaris. Booking your African adventure with us will not just save you time and money but deliver a quality dream vacation.

Responsible tourism/ support to local communities and projects
We believe in responsible and sustainable tourism as such part of holiday cost booked with us will go towards wildlife and environment protection, conservation and support to local communities. By booking your African adventure with us you will be directly contributing towards conservation projects and support to local communities. 
Quick response to inquiries
We value our clients so much that we respond to emails and inquiries as soon as possible. Whether you have a question or a special request, we are here for you. 

We’re never far away
While on your African holiday help is never out of reach, there is always 24/7 on safari support to handle any unforeseen situations or any other need you may have.
Guaranteed departures
All our departures are guaranteed at any time of your choice, once you confirm your booking, a departure is guaranteed.

Customized Itineraries
We provide detailed customized safari itineraries to each and every guest. 

Experienced guides
All our guides are qualified, experienced and love what they do. With their knowledge, experience and passion they will make you trip safe, interesting and enjoyable. They will provide you with interesting insights about the African bush, wildlife and local culture.


  • All corporate and/or tour info is provided by Wilderness Horizon Safaris, not SafariBookings