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King Dawit Tours Ethiopia is one of a privately owned national tour operators; which the name “King Dawit” refers to Dawit I, was King of Kings (1382 - 1413) of Ethiopia, and a member of the Solomon dynasty. He was the younger son of Newaya Krestos.
Owned and managed by experienced tourism professional Mr. Dawit Solomon (BA Degree in Tourism Management) & long years of experience in various Ethiopian tour companies in managerial position. Where its head office is located in Addis Ababa and work with the local community at the destinations to address globally demanded that tourism should be “pro-poor” to ensure the existence of sustainable environment, social, cultural values and mutual share of economical benefits.

The staffs are holders of MA &BA in Tourism Management and long years of experience in big travel companies and, well acquainted to the country’s, indigenous natural, social and culture values, and share an extensive knowledge, maintaining the utmost respect of customers for mutual benefit and carry responsible tour operations.


The company`s mission is to become the principal tour operator in the tourism industry of Ethiopia by ensuring customer gratification & reverence and the quality service it intend to provide. King Dawit Tours Ethiopia seeks to differentiate itself as the premier tour company in the country & plans for fair & responsible profit.

1.2: VISION:

To see a prosperous Ethiopia whose image as a land of wasteland altered and making Ethiopia one of the branded countries benefited from Tourism Sector & to contribute to poverty reduction by generating alternative income and employment opportunities for the communities at the grass root level.


Care, professionalism, integrity and dedication are some of the core values that underpin the business approach of King Dawit Tours Ethiopia. The company has established itself as a strong and reliable company that guarantees quality, consistency and competitive prices. Other core values of the company are customer oriented service, trustworthiness, innovation, flexibility, accessibility and eco-tourism.


King Dawit Tours Ethiopia offers a variety choice of well designed tailored or package tours based on individual and/or group request.

Nature Based Tours
Ethiopia’s land formation is in between from the earth’s lowest point -125 meter to the highest mountain peak4600 meter the highest in the country and the fourth highest in Africa in which
fauna and flora can be discover along the high altitude plateau, volcanic lakes, forests, alpine moor land and trout filled streams.

Adventure Tours,
From a day to three months trekking tours can be organize. The three month trekking was practiced with the British in 1998 through the North West and Central highland and lowlands of the country (the most dramatic mountain scenery and Nile valley in Africa),

The well coming of Blue Nile for white water rafting beside many other rivers well coming for rafting in the country. Omo rive is also one of the great spot for rafting tour packages.

Rock climbing,
Rock climbing is not an indigenous sport, but there are excellent sites, which are offering for rock climbers with marvelous scenic views around and on top.

Honey harvesting,
Ethiopia has suitable temperature for any living things as a result there are a lot of forests where forest bee are existing in real wilderness where a honey harvesting could be practice in the wild jungle forest as a great experience.

Forest coffee picking
A coffee tour increasingly become popular, which this tour is organizes in collaboration with the Coffee Farmers and cooperatives in the coffee growing areas where a picking with the farmers organize in the forest. Both natural honeys harvested and natural coffee picked will take by the tourist back home.

Historic and Cultural Tour
Historical Sites
The sites from 800 BC to recent, temples, stales, rock hewn churches, caves paintings, castles, palaces, fortress, parchments and manuscripts seeing is inviting throughout the country.

Traditional lifestyle and Festivals;
staying in a unique local Tukul (house) and eating typical local foods an in-depth visiting to the local culture, folk, markets, watching events of rituals, dance, cousins, painting, dressing, and lip plates and stick fighting .
Visitors with an interest in observing pre-materialist cultures and in anthropology will find much to fascinate different ethnic groups, prominent for their bamboo bee-hive shaped houses, weaving, hillside terraces and the wooden totems with which they adorn their cemeteries.

Spiritual celebrations take place everywhere in the country, in every village and town, besides there are morefamous pilgrimage celebrations held only in a specific church or Mosque and be an offer.

There are national, regional and local museums, where they offer to be visit.

Galleries and Handcrafts
Handcrafts are a traditional unique identity of the country such as, weaving, pottery, basketry and many more.
And galleries are offering especially in the towns where it can be visit along the destinations,
Study Tours Ethiopia is a land of mystery, which offering a study and research in different field of areas suchas, archaeological, environmental, social, historical and cultural studies. The study can be organized on privateor with partnerships relations between national and oversea universities and research institutes.

Business and Conferences Tour
Ethiopia is using as the main capital city of Africa, where International organization in relation to Africa andDiplomats to Ethiopia reside and where many conferences in a year carrying. In order to get conferenceparticipants and business travels insight to the country and their stay enjoyable, a half, full and/or couple ofdays of sightseeing and short excursion tour can be organize.

There are jungles, beaches, and unique memorable sites, where a family, youth, romantic and honeymoonerscould spent their holyday, relaxing and enjoying, raiding, swimming, practicing traditional and others locallypracticed games.
In order to well facilitate these, King Dawit Tours also provide complementary service of;
 Hotel, lodges and any accommodations bookings and follow up.
 Car rent, Using variety of own up-to-date and fully insured fleet of vehicles with experienced chauffeurs and
 Ticketing, for domestic and international flights.
 Boat trip on Lake Tana of Bahir dar and Lake Kuriftu of Debre zeit can be organized for honeyMooner’s with the required facility of accommodation.
Our target is to give the best possible service to our clients, we make sure that every detail of the bookings aretaken care of right from bookings to holidays to insurance. We also have a very strong Tours department thatworks tirelessly to ensure that the most cost-effective rates, together with confirmations and the preferredaccommodations.

NB: Our staff is always well equipped and informed about current affairs concerning all destinations, ensuringcustomer’s time, needs and safety at all times

King Dawit tours can negotiate special rates or volume discounts if large groups of people are travelingtogether. By doing so, besides enjoying the services that we provide to our customer, they will be able to enjoyadditional benefits. A group of 15 adult passengers attracts a special rate. This can be negotiated with theAirline concerned. For this service sufficient time is required.

We enjoy amicable business relationships with all hotel chains present in Ethiopia. We have negotiatedreasonable contract rates with all the leading hotel groups enabling us to provide very competitive offers allyear round.
We enjoy reasonable and affordable contract rates from most of the hotels in Ethiopia major destinations.
During the low season, Hotels and Lodges have special rates for us.
Our Tours Department organizes reasonable and unique Adventure tour Itineraries .The comfort and safety ofall our clients is paramount. Therefore, we ensure that all vehicles are in top condition.

We arrange Conferences for large and small groups within Addis Ababa, African diplomatic city (AU & ECAhalls) can accommodate for about 4500 participants at a time and in a reputable Hotels and Lodges thatfacilitate such arrangements.

We assist with visa applications where possible.

It is very important for any travel agent to have a representative meet all-important overseas guest right outsidethe Aircraft. We can provide this service whenever required. We will let your guests know how important theyare.

Well qualified and experienced staffs holder of , BA in Tourism Management with long years
experience, well acquainted to the country’s, indigenous natural, social and culture values, and sharean extensive knowledge, maintaining the utmost respect of customers for mutual benefit and carryresponsible tour operations.
Our multi lingual guides, who speak fluent English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and many, arehighly appreciated for their professionalism and warm nature, as well as for their skills in helpingvisitors to enter into the traditional and cultural atmosphere of their fascinating country.
King Dawit tours Ethiopia provides comfortable and convenient travel arrangements for the clients.
Our main objective is to provide a unique and extraordinary service within the field of tourism whilemaintaining the utmost respect for indigenous culture and the environment, particularly the traditionsand natural scenic of each people. In a country such as ours, where the tourist industry is still in itsearly stages, we believe that it can be developed into an exchange based on mutual benefit, respect andsafety of the host and the tourist.
We ensure that our clients enjoy our good relations with all our partners.

Currently we have partnered and worked with reputable outbound tour operators in various destinations to offer the best rates for group and individual travelers. Among the countries the below listed are a few of them.
 Thailand
 Russia
 China
 Kenya
 Tanzania
 Australia
 Djibouti
 Uganda
 Spain and many more


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