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Our Vision is to become the leading tour company in East Africa while focusing on supporting projects that enhance the lives of communities living near game reserves and parks. We see ourselves creating collaborations with partners that improve the quality of our services to clients and inspire the conservation of nature. To that end, we partner with individuals, volunteer organizations and organize mission trips to Africa that involve working with poor communities in East Africa.We envisage operating several lodges and resorts in the future while focusing on customer service and personal experience.Mission

On every trip we receive, we dedicate a 5% to the Verdoro Charity through which we aim at changing lives of the underprivileged and marginalized people especially the rural areas, young mothers, +HIV victims, elderly, Orphans, and PWDs to experience equal opportunities. We also aim at extending clean water to remote areas and less privileged communities. Where chance avails we would like to provide homes to the homeless. We aim at empowering communities through agricultural and saving schemes, in this we believe many vulnerables will be able to improve their standards of living. We also aim at providing scholastic materials to orphans and less privileged children most especially to those in remote areas.

We value our staff in the main office and in the field. We impart in them values of ownership, professionalism, honesty and dedication through excellent supervision and training opportunities. We ensure that our office staffs take part in some of the tours to get a feel of the situation in the field, share the experiences and challenges of our clients. This in turn translates into quality, a sense of responsibility, informed decisions and better pricing. Hospitality should begin at home. You can follow us on our Instagram and Facebook pages.


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