Company Profile

SafariPerks Limited is an exclusive upmarket tour company that curates’ luxury safaris and beach vacations for clients with confidence and without compromise. We provide them with a chance of seeing wild animals within their natural habitat, ensuring safety and enjoyment at the time of the expedition. We help them travel not to escape life but for life not to escape you therefore we leverage our expert knowledge of the finest lodges and camps to ensuring our seamless service is maintained. We are built under the following vision, mission, and values: -

- ‘By doing the right thing’
We ensure honesty and fairness in all our actions by doing the right thing and having a strong moral principle. Also, we create an environment for being whole and undivided.
2. CUSTOMER FOCUS: - ‘By putting the client first’
We give our clients the best of our expertise since the customer is the boss. If we don’t support the customer directly, we serve those that do. Customer service trumps everything.
3. TEAMWORK: - ‘By collaborating efforts to achieve our goals’
We extend mutual respect, collaboration and support to one another with the mission of completing our task in the most effective and effective way being interdependent individuals working together towards a common goal.
4. TRANSPARENCY: - ‘By being accountable in the eyes of others’
We establish ourselves as honest, credible people in the eyes of one another by inviting trust and revealing all required information or insights where need be irrespective of our ranks and positions in the company.
5. EXCELLENCE: - ‘By continually getting better’
We ensure we maintain an unwavering desire to achieve set goals while maintaining focus on our vision and values.

To provide professional, high quality and unmatched travel expertise to our clients with constant service, exclusive and super-fast responsive time curating a trip you cannot find elsewhere.

To be one of the leading tour companies in the world impacting the community positively through our constant innovative spirit.


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