Company Profile

Arisi Safaris is a tour operation company registered in Tanzania. We do our tours in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and other countries in Africa. Our primary pursuits include planning safaris, mountain-climbing expeditions, and beach excursions. The goal of Arisi Safari is to continuously generate customers  who are ecstatically delighted. Our team is knowledgeable and extremely competent, and our primary objective is to offer high-quality, specially created travel packages that are tailored to the demands of the client. Making Arisi Safaris a top-notch trip operator for our customers is our main goal.

Arisi Safari has a wealth of expertise and experience. We love to provide different options of safari adventures ranging from comfort to luxury travel; we normally guide our client into making the right itinerary for their safari at the best available costs! Arisi Safari provides unforgettable safari experience to guests believing that safari is to always experience an adventure that offer a great feeling and outstanding experience of being in breathtaking places. Our safari mind-set is to always provide an amazing experience, the delight of being out in the wild and taking in nature as it is, without rushing. Arisi Safari's goal is to give our visitors a unique safari experience of their lifetime.


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