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Lakshmi and Kevin   –  
United Kingdom UK
Visited: May 2022 Reviewed: Jul 2, 2022

Email Lakshmi and Kevin  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: over 5 safaris

Amazing honeymoon in Uganda

We chose to spend our honeymoon in Uganda and could not recommend this tour enough! From the beginning Ronald was friendly and attentive and well informed. He even bought us snacks and allowed us to pick our own meals, it really felt like we were travelling with a friend, which he soon became! The choices of lodge were beautiful and all in the most scenic settings I could imagine. We wanted to visit Lake Bunyonyi in addition and be dropped in Jinja, Ronald accommodated all of these requests with no hesitation or stress involved. The gorillas were a truly unforgettable experience but the wildlife was abundant everywhere and we really fell in love with Uganda. Thank you! Do not hesitate if considering this trip.

Denise & Marcus   –  
Germany DE
Visited: June 2022 Reviewed: Jun 21, 2022

Email Denise & Marcus  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Absolutely the best choice, excellent value for money, will come back! 10 stars at least!!

Our 10 day trip with Ronald was the experience of a life time. From the start, Ronald and his team took extremely good care of us, patiently answering all of our questions and adjusting our itinerary multiple times. Looking back, I actually wished I had more relied on their judgement instead of coming up with my own itinerary because they are so familiar with all the destinations and know very well how much time you need at a given place. So in case of doubt, trust that they will find the ideal solution!

Once we were in Uganda, we really had the time of our lives. I had been a bit sceptical about spending so much time with a stranger, but boy, was I wrong. Ronald took us around himself and his company was actually what made this trip so special. Besides being extremely organized and attentive to all our needs, he is just a very kind and fun person to hang around with and I'm not exaggerating when I say that our hearts felt very heavy on the day we had to say goodbye (and that we were overjoyed when we happened to meet on the road to Murchinson Falls some days later). Friend, we can't wait to see you again, be it in Uganda or Europe!!

While my tears are drying, back to more practical things: the lodges that Ronald picked were amazing. We loved every single one for their stunning vistas, carefully decorated interiors and lovely staff. We opted for budget (although "budget" does not mean cheap in Uganda), so naturally, these are not 5 star hotels. But the surroundings made more than up for this and we actually felt like on a luxury trip most of the time. Needless to say that everything was extremely clean (much more so than e.g. in Asian countries at this price level). Notably, we talked to other people traveling with other tour operators and they weren't as happy with their accommodation, so this is certainly another aspect where Kajie Safaris excels!

We also really enjoyed the food. Most of our meals were provided by the lodges, but Ronald also took us to different restaurants on the road, all of which were equally delicious. From our experience, it is better to opt for vegetarian dishes, since this is what most locals eat by default, so you get more authentic food this way ;). We also really appreciated that Ronald would rather find a nice local restaurant on the way than going the easy way and getting a sandwich from the lodge. Our tour, unlike many others, included all food and this can actually quickly add up since lodges charge nearly European prices. So one more reason to choose Ronald and his team.

In terms of activities, our schedule was perfect. We saw and did so many things, but still had enough time to unwind and relax. Ronald suggested extra activities, but left the decision to us. He also broke up long rides by showing us interesting scenery and making sure we got to stretch our legs from time to time. Besides, time in the car passed so quickly because Ronald would explain a lot of things about Uganda to us and we had so many interesting discussions on the road.

The game drives were out of this world - Ronald is exceptionally good at spotting animals and birds (he saw lions moving their tail when I didn't even see their heads with my binoculars) and never tires to point them out to you, literally going the extra mile to make sure you get to see as much as possible of Ugandas awesome fauna. When we were on our own in Murchinson Falls NP, we took a ranger, so we have a good comparison, and I can honestly say that Ronald was just as knowledgeable and more keen on making our experience special.

Ronald is also a very good and careful driver and knows his car like no other. Ugandan traffic and roads can be challenging at times, but we felt very safe. On the topic of driving: we had considered to self-drive the entire trip, but ended up doing only Murchison Falls on our own. We were actually very glad about not doing the whole trip ourselves. While driving in Uganda is definitely doable (at least during the day), it would have been a lot more exhausting. And frankly speaking, it is hard to enjoy a game drive when you have to pay attention to the more than bumpy roads in national parks.

Considering all of the above, a package from Kajie Safaris is really extremely good value because it literally includes everything (for example entrance fees to NP, which also add up quickly). We met other people who certainly paid more and were not nearly as happy as we were. If you're considering a trip to Uganda, look no further!! And if you haven't yet, you should certainly put it on your bucket list because the country has so much to offer and no one does Uganda better than Ronald. Webale!!!

Celia Dubey   –  
United States US
Visited: June 2022 Reviewed: Jun 20, 2022

Email Celia Dubey  |  50-65 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Look no further. This is the tour to book!

Amazing!!! This is the tour to BOOK!!!! I know the choices of tours are overwhelming. I promise you this is an excellent tour and worth every penny as it is a great value for all you do and see.Ronald (the owner) and Ben (our guide) made sure we had a great experience. We had all sorts of problems with our Visa (my fault) and they completely took care of us . From the moment we arrived to when we left 7 days later, Ben (our guide) was attentive making sure we always were happy, comfortable,FUN, safe and he was extremely knowledgeable sharing all he knows about wild life and Uganda culture with us. As a former park ranger, Ben has a gifted eye for spotting all the cool wile life. We saw it all as a result of Ben making it happen for us every day. The mini van they use to transport us (was not fancy but it was super comfy and safe getting through all those crazy roads in the mountains. The cool looking Land cruisers are not near as comfy and the way they lift the roof off their vehicle allows for amazing views in comfort and safety. All the accommodations were FANTASTIC not fancy but super clean, and all of the lodges were unique with private bungalows in natural picturesque settings. Nothing cheesy and nothing dirty. The service at all the lodges and restaurants they took us to provided us with legendary service especially Bweza Lodge. Each restaurant Ben brought us to served amazing meals and we are vegetarians and every single one of them accommodated us perfectly. I can not say enough positive stuff about Ben! We travel all around the world and have done tours like this before, This was TOPS!

Shanahz Mazoe   –  
Uganda UG
Visited: June 2022 Reviewed: Jun 20, 2022

Email Shanahz Mazoe  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: over 5 safaris

Outstanding, enthusiastic and Engaging

My safari to MFNP was the best ever with Kajie Safaris! They were On time, polite, educative, free and enthusiastic. Give them your monies please!

Mae   –  
Ireland IE
Visited: March 2022 Reviewed: Mar 26, 2022

Email Mae  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Fantastic tour operator!

Everything was organised perfectly. Ron has a great relationship with all the staff and locals along the way and ensures everything runs smoothly. All food and accommodation was excellent. So much was packed into the trip but it never felt rushed or stressful.

Karen   –  
United States US
Visited: February 2022 Reviewed: Feb 24, 2022

Email Karen  |  65+ years of age  |  Experience level: over 5 safaris


Ronald at Kajie Safaris customized this trip to make it everything I could have dreamed of - trekking for chimps, mountain gorillas (4 different locations) and golden monkeys in the gorgeous highlands of Uganda. The lodges he chose were absolutely wonderful, as was the food. Ugandans were incredibly hospitable, and at the hopeful end of this time of covid, I felt safe at all times. Ronald is an amazing guide - knowledgeable, kind, great sense of humor, and good taste in music. I’ve been home for two days and already dream of returning.

Catherine   –  
Hong Kong HK
Visited: January 2022 Reviewed: Jan 26, 2022

Email Catherine  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

First Class experience

We had an amazing trip with Ronald at Kajie safaris. Lodges were beautiful, the chimp trekking and game drives were fantastic but the highlight was by far the gorilla trekking experience. I would highly recommend them and will be sure to use them again in the future

Agi   –  
Netherlands NL
Visited: December 2021 Reviewed: Dec 10, 2021

Email Agi  |  50-65 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Amazing Safari Experience with Kajie

I just came back from a 16 days Safari tour in Uganda with the local tour operator Kajie Safaris
The communication with Ronald Muvunyi - managing director- was from the first day excellent. Ronald is easily accessible and flexible. The program was custom made and changes were possible where needed. The necessary COVID test were very well organized. Ronald gave good advice in time before the journey about all necessary paperwork and waited for me at the Airport. He was also very helpful during the whole process entering the country.
All the accommodations were were wisely chosen, comfortable, clean and had a nice atmosphere with excellent friendly staff.
Ronald has a wide network, connections, informations were exchanged easily.
During the tour we used a powerful vehicle with open roof to get the best view during the game drive. Unavoidable engine problems were solved quickly and without negative effect on the program.
The food was tasteful, clean everywhere and personal dietary wishes were taken into account.
Ronald is an enthousiast service oriented professional driver, guide , friendly and has a huge knowledge about his land, the wildlife, customs, history. That makes him a pleasant travel companion.
I recommend to visit Uganda to every nature lovers , as it really deserves it’s name : The Pearl of Afrika

Curtis   –  
United States US
Visited: July 2021 Reviewed: Aug 1, 2021

Email Curtis  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Truly Breathtaking 7-Day Trip!

Absolutely every element of my 7-day trip was incredibly amazing! I've been to some fantastic locations before, but this tops the list and Kajie Tours was the key piece in making it so successful. From the beginning when I was considering the safari to taking off at the end of the trip, they were always ready to fully answer my many questions, make suggestions for the best possible outcome, and ensure everything went smoothly (a particularly difficult goal during pandemic times).

Ronald, my guide, was perfect! He was a wealth of knowledge about everything in Uganda, including the history, current trends, wildlife, destinations, and more. I was solo on this trip, so having a great guide is even more important - truly a total professional and a pleasure to spend time with. He was always ready to be companionable during the trip and at destinations, but also let me have space to explore alone (or take a nap) when needed. Anytime I mentioned being interested in something, he made it came true - from finding a chameleon to trying a number of particular local foods/drinks. I couldn't have wished for a better guide.

Regarding the trip itself, we did chimp trekking in Kibale, gorilla trekking in Bwindi, and game drives/boat rides in Queen Elizabeth & Lake Mburo. Highly recommend trying to fit as many game drives in as possible, especially in the early morning and late evening. All the accommodations were wonderful (in the thick of nature) and the food was always great (and fresh!). It's worth it to get some freshly picked/roasted/brewed coffee and to try the fresh banana gin.

Wholeheartedly recommend the trip with Kajie Safaris to anyone thinking about visiting Uganda!!!

Linda and Kevin   –  
Germany DE
Visited: May 2021 Reviewed: Jun 1, 2021

Email Linda and Kevin  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

The Pearl of Africa together with the best tour guide ever!

One of the most beautiful vacations that we've ever had!
We booked a 10-day tour including gamedrives and boatrides at Murchinson Falls, Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo NP as well as chimpazee and gorilla trekking in Kibale and Bwindi forest and added also a boat ride at lake Bunyoni and a river rafting tour in Jinja.
Ronald is just the perfect guide - he has a broad knowledge about nature and wildlife, a lot of experience with international tourists and is such a lovely person to have around! He helped us to find all of the animals that we wished to see (even leopards and tree-climbing lions) and organised everything that we needed including a last-minute covid test. It was very hard to say goodbye in the end...
Uganda itself is indeed the Pearl of Africa and if we had had more time, we would have loved to stay for at least three or four weeks. So we'll definetely be back to go hiking in the Rwenzori Mountains and also see the Northern and Eastern part of the country.
Don't hesistate to book your tour with Kajie Safaris!

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