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Lorraine   –  
Kenya KE
Visited: July 2023 Reviewed: Jul 8, 2023

Email Lorraine  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Amazing experience

It was great to book with RamjaSafaris,I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do a safari to Kenya.They are very efficient .Reuben the driver was very friendly and made sure we had an awesome experience during our tour.

Geethanjali   –  
India IN
Visited: June 2023 Reviewed: Jul 6, 2023

Email Geethanjali  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Best out of the lot♥️

Kenya was always on our bucket list, but never thought we could it make it happen this soon. One random day when our friends came and put forth this plan, I had a bright smile on my face. Coincidences like these are a match made in heaven. The safari experience with Ramja safaris was beyond my expectations. Mr. Peter was our guide for safari and I must tell that he is a thorough professional and gave his 100% every single time. He is a very good listener and was open to all our requests, this really made our trip easy going and in the end it was totally worth the money. I’ll recommend Ramja safaris to anyone travelling to Kenya

Varun Subbaraj   –  
India IN
Visited: June 2023 Reviewed: Jul 5, 2023

Email Varun Subbaraj  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Awesome is an understatement

My first time experience is Kenya was beyond my expectations. The Safaris were simply thrilling and it was very well organized by Ramja Safaris thanks to Steve and Peter. I cannot thank enough to Peter, our guide. He was open to whatever we had to say and was very knowledgeable too. He was very kind in accepting our requests and was giving his 100% every single time. That is something which impressed me a lotttt to be very honest.

To conclude I would say, I'm going to recommend Ramja Safaris to anyone who is willing to take a trip to Kenya.

Manasa   –  
India IN
Visited: June 2023 Reviewed: Jul 3, 2023

Email Manasa  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

He was very friendly and accommodative for all our needs.

It was a lovely experience with Ramja safaris starting from enquiry till actually ending the trip with them . Steve was co-ordinating with me for all the bookings and payments and he was super accommodative with all my requests and questions. Special mention to the guide Mr. Peter who was with us throughout the trip and he was so amazing and super determined to make us spot all the animals . He was so patient when we wanted to spend more time at a single place and when we wanted to take pictures . Overall it was an amazing experience with Ramja safaris

Pratheeka   –  
India IN
Visited: June 2023 Reviewed: Jul 3, 2023

Email Pratheeka  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Excellent, proficient , warm hospitality and reliable

I visited Kenya with my friends during June end and we were lucky to have found the contact of Steve through a friend of ours. Steve took care of our bookings end to end ( Accommodation, food and safari ) and I must say we were very happy with every bit of arrangements made for us at Kenya as per our budgets. His responses were prompt at any given point of time which made it easier for us to clarify all queries and plan our trip accordingly.
A special mention to our tour guide Peterrrr :) . He was the first good thing that happened to us at the trip and next good thing were the game drives. He was very cooperative, welcoming, friendly, accommodative & has abundant knowledge. He made sure all our requirements were met during our stay, made us feel comfortable throughout our journey and made sure we thoroughly enjoyed our game drives without disappointing us.
My friends & I were hell bent on spotting all the Big 5 animals since day 1 and well Peter made that happen for us. We were overwhelmed with joy and happiness
I must say Peter has immense patience and hats off to him for that! :)

To sum it up we truly had a magical experience and it was worth every single penny spent. We returned back home with cherished memories forever.
Couldn’t be more grateful to Steve, Peter and his entire team for making this trip a dream come true for us. I would highly recommend Ramja Safaris.

Renaat   –  
United Arab Emirates AE
Visited: June 2023 Reviewed: Jul 1, 2023

Email Renaat  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Excellent organization and guide!

Fantastic organization and great value for money! Ali, our guide was nice, funny and very insighful. Highly recommended!

Deepak Doshi   –  
Singapore SG
Visited: June 2023 Reviewed: Jun 17, 2023

Email Deepak Doshi  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Focused excellent customer service

We reached out to steve to enquire about our kenya trip , he was very prompt and patient in replying to all our queries. During the whole trip he was engaged with us ensuring we are having a comfortable and enjoyable trip and addressing any issues we had during our safari. Our guide Peter made sure all our requirements were met during the trip and is a very knowledgeable gentlemen who had answer to all our questions with regards to the animals & birds and also kenya in general. I would highly recommend to reach out to steve of Ramja safari for a memorable kenya trip.

Arshia   –  
United Kingdom UK
Visited: March 2023 Reviewed: Apr 17, 2023

Email Arshia  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Passionate, Entertaining and fun tour guide with reasonable pricing.

As you will notice after travelling, most tour guides use the same equipment (car, radio, etc) and therefore it may seem that the choices concerning which tour you take are irrelevant. However I am here to tell you that the tour guide makes all of the difference. Having a person who is passionate about the animals and takes their job seriously becomes very important and I believe Ramja Safari did not overlook this fact one bit. Our tour guide Samuel was not only super friendly but also super informative. He was always on time and took his time finding the animals that we were interested in. As we were in the car for quite a few hours we had a chance to converse quite a bit and was not bored for one minute. I highly recommend Ramja Safaris.

Olinda   –  
United Arab Emirates AE
Visited: April 2023 Reviewed: Apr 15, 2023

Email Olinda  |  50-65 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Out of the world experience with Ramja Yours and their guide, Peter.

I visited Kenya with my family and Ramja Tours took care of our accommodation, safari and most of all, our comfort and safety in a foreign country. Our guide, Peter, was the best thing that happened to us. He was a thorough professional, a good friend and caretaker. He showed us so many animals and ensured that our stay was most comfortable and memorable. Thanks to Steve of Ramja and a big thanks to Peter.

Stephanie   –  
United Arab Emirates AE
Visited: April 2023 Reviewed: Apr 15, 2023

Email Stephanie  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Our tour Operator, PETER, was not just considerate but extremely proficient and intelligent.

To start off, the tour manager - Peter - was beyond excellent. He had a heart of gold and would always do everything in his power to make us feel safe and comfortable. His knowledge of Safaris was profound, through which we also got a peek at the compassion for animals he shared. At tea breaks, he discussed with us the way of the tribes, their values, habits and customs. This was so intriguing that sometimes, we didn't even want to go on boat rides but just keep listening to Peter's stories.

The Safaris were not just safe but extremely educational. We felt at ease knowing we were in good hands. Peter's driving skills are that of a professional. Through rocky roads and mud-filled grasslands, Peter knew exactly how to maneuver to get us through the path in the most safe and effective way possible. He also has the most keen eye for spotting animals miles far away that would other wise require binoculars.

In short, this trip was nothing but magical. We experienced zebras right in our backyard, feeding giraffes and warm hospitality from the hotel staff and tour guide - both Steve & Peter.

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone looking to go on their Safari journey, a trip to remember forever!

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