Getting There – South Luangwa NP

Alan Murphy
By Alan Murphy

Alan is a renowned Africa expert and has authored many Lonely Planet guidebooks, including a guide to Zambia.

Alan is a renowned Africa expert and has authored the Lonely Planet guide to Zambia.

Alan has authored the Lonely Planet guide to Zambia.

South Luangwa National Park is located near the village of Mfuwe and is 700km/343mi from Lusaka.

New arrivals to Zambia will often come through Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN), the country’s major airport, located 14km/9mi from the capital.

From Lusaka, regular flights take visitors to Mfuwe International Airport (MFU), just outside the park. It is also possible to fly directly to Mfuwe from Lower Zambezi NP (Jeki/Royal Airstrips).

People driving to the park will usually come via Chipata. The drive has been much improved in recent years with the tarring of the road and will take about two hours. A 2WD car is fine.

Airlines & Ticket Prices

Please check Skyscanner or, for multiple destination flights, check Expedia to see which airlines can take you to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN), and what tickets would cost.

Domestic Flights

Charter flights amongst parks are usually incorporated into your safari package and are most often booked by your tour operator. The only domestic carrier is Proflight, which runs up to three scheduled flights a day from Lusaka to Mfuwe.

Passport, Visa and Other Entry Requirements

Please check our Getting There – Zambia page to learn more about passport, visa and other entry requirements.

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