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2-Day Safari From Dar es Salaam - Compare 43 Tours

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city and commercial capital, is your gateway to the country’s south. Having spent some time exploring the city’s markets and beaches, it’s time to head out of town and see some of the animals for which southern Tanzania is famous. With not a whole lot of time for your safari, you should probably fly from Dar to one of the southern parks: take your pick between Nyerere National Park (formerly Selous Game Reserve), Mikumi National Park, Udzungwa Mountains National Park or even Ruaha National Park. You’ll only have 1 night out in the bush, but the trip is sure to be one that lives long in your memory.

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1-20 of 43 two day safari itineraries starting from Dar es Salaam

5 Questions About 2-Day Safaris From Dar es Salaam


5 Questions About 2-Day Safaris From Dar es Salaam

Answered by Anthony Ham

Where can I go on a 2-day safari from Dar es Salaam?

“You might only have 2 days, but you can still have a really special safari. The two best parks to visit on a 2-day safari from Dar es Salaam are Nyerere National Park (formerly Selous Game Reserve) and Mikumi National Park. These are two of the best parks in Tanzania’s south. It can take a half-day to get to either of these parks from Dar by road, so if you can afford a fly-in safari to either place, you’ll get to spend a lot more time in the parks themselves instead of spending most of your time traveling there and back. The same applies (in terms of the distance from Dar) to both Udzungwa Mountains and Ruaha National Parks. To make a trip to either of these work in 2 days, you would really need to fly there and back again. The other main option from Dar is Saadani National Park. This coastal park is a popular weekend excursion for people living in Dar and has the advantage of being cheaper. You can also reach here in much less time by road than the other parks. Saadani doesn’t have as much wildlife as Nyerere and Mikumi, but it does have a pretty beachfront setting.”


Is 2 days enough for a trip from Dar es Salaam?

“Of course, it would be better to have more than 2 days on safari. Going on a 2-day safari from Dar es Salaam means that you’ll leave the city early on the first day and then return later on the second. Although you won’t get a full day in the destination, you will get to stay overnight. Even 1 day extra can mean that you get a full day exploring the park of your choice. And it can feel rushed with all of the travel getting to the park and back again. But 2 days is definitely better than 1 day (or even no days at all!), and if you plan your trip carefully, there’s no reason you can’t have a fantastic trip. There really is nothing that compares to waking up in the morning out in the wilds of Africa, and there’s lots you can do even on such a short visit. For example, you should have time for two game drives at the best times of day for seeing the animals: early morning and late afternoon, when the wildlife is most active and easiest to see. And you’ll get to enjoy what should be one big, beautiful African sunset.”


Is a fly-in safari recommended for a 2-day safari from Dar es Salaam?

“If you choose to visit Saadani National Park, a fly-in safari won’t be necessary. But if you’re going to Nyerere or Mikumi, I strongly recommend a fly-in safari if you can afford it. Going on a fly-in safari is quick and easy, which means you get to spend more time in the parks, instead of using valuable time getting from A to B and back again. Another advantage is that you’ll enjoy some incredible views on the way there and back. It’s a bit like getting a scenic flight to go with your safari, and the flights could even end up being one of the highlights of your trip. The main downside of a fly-in safari is obviously the cost: flying can be expensive and will probably be beyond the budget of those looking for a more affordable or cheap safari. If you do end up driving (or being driven), remember that you’ll get a much better close-up view of local life than you can from the air.”


Which animals can I expect to see?

“Which animals you see will depend on which park you visit. If you go to either Mikumi or Nyerere National Parks, the main possibilities will most likely be lion, elephant, zebra, giraffe, hippo and crocodile. Other big cats and, in the case of Nyerere, African wild dog are probably difficult in such a short space of time, but they are present and, in theory, possible to see. Nyerere also offers boat excursions on the Rufiji River, which means you’ll see lots of birds as well. A visit to Saadani means that you’ll be looking out for hippo, crocodile, giraffe, elephant and Lichtenstein’s hartebeest while you’re here. You’d have to be really lucky to see a lion in the park, but you never know… Saadani may not have the wildlife that other parks have, but at least you might get to see animals by the beach.”


How much will this safari cost?

“There are lots of different tours and packages to choose from for a 2-day safari from Dar es Salaam, and prices will vary from one operator to the next. If you choose an overnight trip to Saadani, and you camp while you’re visiting the park, then you might be able to arrange a budget safari for around US$100 to US$150 per person per day. At this end of the price range, you might be expected to help out around camp with chores such as cooking, washing up, and setting up and taking down tents. For a fly-in safari, prices will probably start at around US$350 to US$400 per person per day, but this could go significantly higher if you pay for luxury overnight accommodation, especially in high season (June to October). Regardless of how much you pay, always make sure that you understand what is included in, and excluded from, any price you are quoted. Among the standard inclusions are transfers, guide, driver, game drives, food and some drinks, park entry fees and accommodation (including, where applicable, camping equipment).”


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